Tips to buy your favorite cat

So you’ve made your decision to buy a Persian Cat- you will soon have a cat. Surely you are already in anticipation of how the pet will comfortably lie next to you in the evenings and purr gently. It seems that buying a cat is a simple matter. Nevertheless, the Murakoshi team reminds us that this is a very important step. In order to keep both you and your pet happy and satisfied for many years, we will give you some simple tips to buy your favorite cat.

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 Pedigree or outbred?

First you need to make a choice. First of all, decide on the age (that is, you want to buy a kitten or an adult) and the breed. If we are talking about buying, then most likely you want not just a pet, but a thoroughbred cat. Decide whether you are only interested in a representative of a specific breed (as an option, a choice from several breeds), or you just want a beautiful kitten with a certain set of qualities, and it seems to you that it is easier to find one among the purebreds. If the second option is correct, you may well not limit yourself to choosing only from among purebreds, since often ordinary domestic cats and cats have no less spectacular appearance than the most beautiful representatives of a particular breed. And the connection of character with the breed is very conditional.

If you still want to buy a purebred cat (or you are interested in one specific breed), then the most obvious option is a cattery. However, it is very important to choose the right nursery, where they not only earn money on animals, but also take care of their health and socialization.

Visit to the nursery to buy your favorite cat

When you were looking for information on the breed you are interested in (if not, we recommend that you do it), you probably found out about the most famous and time-tested kennels and breeders specializing in this breed. However, no amount of feedback can replace a personal impression. Pay close attention to the conditions in which cats live in this cattery.

These conditions will definitely affect how your pet will be. Animals should not be in tight enclosures (not to mention cages). Make sure that the cattery is clean, and that cats and kittens have, in addition to bowls of food and water, houses, scratching posts, toys. The wards themselves should be affectionate and outgoing, not shy and aggressive. Otherwise, this suggests that kittens are most likely not cared for properly, do not play, do not instill the skills of communication with a person.

The first 3 months of a cat’s life are very important. During this time, the kitten must learn basic skills from its mother, as well as get used to the person. This is why real breeders never sell kittens younger than 3-4 months old. If you were offered to buy a kitten younger (and even more so less than 2 months) – run away from such a “breeder” faster! You do not want to end up with a cat with behavioral problems, not adapted to a normal relationship with a person!

It is possible to correct the behavior of an adult pet, but this requires a delicate and competent approach. Correct communication is key. By the way, that is why the staff of the Murkosha shelter give each cat, regardless of their number, personal attention – in order to teach them to trust a person, to reduce distrust, if it has arisen. As a result, pets come out of the walls of the shelter, ready for living together with a person.

But, let’s say, in your case, everything went well: you were satisfied with the living conditions in the nursery, and the temper of the wards. Now it’s time to make another choice. Depending on the purpose for which you want to buy a kitten, one of the following classes will suit you.

Classes of cats

If you just need a cat as a pet, then the pet class is suitable for you – these are good representatives of their breed, which the breeder does not plan to give for breeding. When buying such a kitten, the contract will indicate that you will have to neuter or neuter it at a certain time (usually before the year turns). Pet-class kittens are significantly cheaper than the other two.

If you want offspring, then you already need a breed class – that is, kittens that are given for breeding. There is also a show class – such pets, according to the breeder, have every chance of becoming the stars of exhibitions. If you want to ride them, pay attention to this particular class.

Until now, we have talked mainly about buying a kitten, but there is an option to buy an adult cat or an adult cat. Often, breeders take animals out of breeding at a certain point and sell them after castration / neutering. As a rule, such a pet will cost you less. Moreover, as a pet, he will be no worse. So, if age is not important to you, you can consider adults as well.

When the goals are sorted out, you need to make your own choice. Chat with them, play – and choose the one who you like best: the most affectionate, or the most playful, or the most serious, or the one who will approach you first (and this is a very good sign that can become the beginning of a long and strong friendship!) , or someone else who somehow attracted attention.

Make sure your future pet is healthy!

Whoever you take – a kitten or an adult – the kit must include documents for the animal and a veterinary passport with marks on the vaccinations made. Vaccinations are strictly required! This will ensure that the pet is healthy.

It is also necessary to examine the kitten. He should have a clean, shiny coat without bald spots, clean and clear eyes (no inflammation and discharge), a clean mouth (no smell and redness), a clean nose (wet, cold, without any crusts and sores), clean under the tail, even breath, soft belly. The kitten should not constantly itch and shake its head, the ears should be clean and free from scratching (otherwise this may indicate the presence of an ear mite).

What if it is impossible to visit the nursery in person?

Of course, all this is possible only if the nursery you are interested in is located in your city. There are no problems with most breeds – in any large city of Russia at least one corresponding breeder will be found. But with rarer breeds, a problem can arise. However, it can be solved – you can agree on the transfer of the animal by train or plane. But then you will not be able to inspect everything personally. In this case, you need to be especially attentive to the history of the cattery, reviews, and it is also necessary to clarify with the breeder all questions related to the content, character, documents and health of the future pet.

If you cannot settle for a particular breed, exhibitions may be your best option. There you can compare representatives of different breeds with each other right on the spot and, if you like someone, agree on a purchase. Just don’t forget about documents and veterinary passports!

Beware of Unscrupulous Sellers!

It is necessary to mention some more ways of acquiring a pet: by ad, in pet stores and in the poultry market. If you are interested in the ad, then before you buy your favorite cat, insist on a personal examination – and proceed according to the described scheme. We would not recommend buying at pet stores, since you will never be able to understand how a kitten will grow up. Moreover, there can be no question of any attention to a kitten in a store.

And even more so, do not get involved with the bird markets! Traders on them can hardly be called decent people. Animal health is their last concern. Sad practice shows that a kitten bought at the poultry market is likely to have a whole bunch of diseases.

You can take it at the shelter!

Finally, it is worth recalling that you can not only buy your favorite cat, but also take it for free. An excellent opportunity is provided by the shelter “Murkosh”! We get both ordinary domesticated cattle and purebred animals. The option to take in “Murkosh” has a number of advantages. We definitely provide a veterinary passport, we guarantee that the cat is vaccinated and sterilized, and we report all health problems (if any) immediately and in detail. All our wards are accustomed to the tray, scratching post and communication with a person. That is, you are guaranteed to receive a pet prepared for living in an apartment.

You can personally come to us and chat with cats, and choose the one you especially like. Consider that this will be a kind of exhibition, only you can get a mustachioed pet for free.

And remember: a cat from the street or from a shelter will be incredibly grateful to you, because she certainly understands how a good owner differs from a bad one!

So, by choosing a pet in “Murkosh”, you will not only save money, but also give a chance for a new life to a living creature!

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