3 Benefits Of Having Your Amazon Store Fully Managed By A Professional Agency

Understand the massive changes that a professional marketing agency can bring about for your Amazon business in this article. Keep reading to find out!

According to Marketplace Pulse, there are roughly 9.7 million Amazon stores set up from all over the world. One-fifth of this number is active daily. With more than a million retailers flocking to the platform each year, Amazon has become increasingly competitive for small and medium-sized businesses.

When confronted with such a cutthroat situation, as an Amazon seller, what can you do to make sure your store stands out compared to others? The answer is to try out an Amazon full account management agency! So what are the tricks behind this solution? Let’s have a look at the following article!

What Is An Amazon Agency?

An Amazon agency is a marketing establishment with extensive experience and expertise in working with the Amazon platform. Well-trained in e-commerce and digital advertising, such an agency can offer business owners an A to Z service. Especially for people who find themselves struggling to set up and monitor their store properly, outsourcing to a professional company can relieve the tension and bring back impressive results.

The reason why hiring an agency tends to work well for the clients is thanks to their structure. A standard agency usually consists of different teams, each focusing on a particular task surrounding the administration of Amazon selling accounts.

For example, there will be experts solely dedicated to listing audit and keyword optimization while others devote their time to arrange ad campaigns and marketing approaches (market research, competitor research, branding, promotion, etc.). If needed, an agency can even conduct R&D should you need a hand with your inventory.

Why Should You Let An Agency Fully Manage Your Amazon Store

Now that you have understood what an Amazon agency is, it should be obvious why you might want it to take charge of your Amazon store completely. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits that a professional team can offer if you want to see it yourself.

1. An agency keeps you updated on the platform

Amazon is famous for its set of rigid rules and regulations imposed on sellers. As the website puts customers first in all situations, all active sellers would be under scrutiny and are subject to penalties if any problems arise. For example, trying to register an “inappropriate” item on Amazon Ads may lead to account suspension, and violations of the protocols mean you risk getting banned altogether.

For newbies and the inexperienced, the prospect of accidentally making a mistake and paying through the nose for it is dreadful. But if an agency is present, such things are way less likely to happen. Their staff is well-versed in Amazon’s legal documents to retailers, including the Seller Code of Conduct and Policies & Agreements. Closely examining the materials means they are acutely aware of what Amazon deems as unethical selling practices and whatnot. Furthermore, buried deep inside these seemingly endless red tapes is crucial information regarding the listing standards, copyright requirements, general guidelines, tax issues, and so on. Such details are often overlooked by eager retailers, resulting in unwanted incidents later on. Having a team to look through everything and inspect whether your store has adhered to what the platform sets out is a reasonable choice in ensuring its safety.

2. An agency helps you climb up the seller rankings

Amazon’s seller rankings would determine which listing pops up first if potential shoppers look for a particular term that matches. There are multiple factors that influence where your business lies, including the average traffic, the number of purchases already done, the relevance and volume of keywords, etc.

On your own, it would be difficult trying to ratchet things up. But with the help of Amazon professionals, you can quickly improve your listings and expect more positive judgments from the host engine search. So how does an agency come in handy with this situation?

  • They audit the ad copy and photos: Most online sellers take advantage of compelling content and mesmerizing images to talk shoppers into buying their products. That is why an Amazon full account management agency creates concise, info-packed bullet points that immediately appeal to the mass. Next up, they also choose high-quality visual assistance that shows off your products so that customers can better imagine what you offer.
  • They increase the clickthrough rate through ad campaigns: Displaying ads to numerous platforms is arguably the easiest way to attract more and more visitors to your landing page. Amazon specialists take care of the matter by designing a suitable set of ads that persuade people to take action.
  • They optimize the keywords: Many rookies stick with high volume keywords hoping that they would benefit from the enormous demand. But an agency knows more than that. By using lower volume yet more specific long-tail keywords, your listing landing page is more inclined to enjoy high-quality, high intent traffic.

3. An agency saves you the time and effort

Launching an ad campaign is already challenging enough, let alone taking care of the entire store and its marketing section. In case you are new to the platform, attempting to supervise, plan, execute, keep track, and revise the performance of every single aspect all by yourself would be exhausting and time-consuming. But worry not, as a reputable agency can take care of the heavy work and make sure you can devote your energy to other urgent issues at hand.


For some people, outsourcing an agency to monitor your Amazon store entirely might be a stretch. But let’s face it, a team of professionally trained digital marketers are far ahead in both skills and experience compared to a typical Amazon retailer. Therefore, if you truly want to scale your business and experience stable growth, visit website for further information on how to make the best use out of an agency.

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