Tips for Selecting a Pest Control Service

As soon as we notice an unwanted creepy crawler in our home our first reaction is something along the lines of: GET IT OUT, NOW! Followed by a strong desire to find every other insect in your home and stomp them out one by one. Then you grab your phone or laptop, and search for, “pest control company near me.”

The question is: How do you choose the best pest control company to get the job done?

When choosing from prospective pests ant control Firms there are some important questions to ask, as well as some points to consider.

What to Ask When Looking for a Pest Control Company

How many years has your business been in operation?

A Pest Control Company with more than a couple years under its belt will have two important things you are looking for: experience in the field, and an accumulated history of a great reputation. If you are looking to for a quick overview checking for Google Reviews or other online review sites are great places to start.

Will your pest control company arrive quickly, be on time, and act professionally?

A sure sign of a great pest control company is the ability to quickly and professionally begin the pest elimination process. If the company you contacted cannot see you within 3 days, it may be time to look for another pest control company. A great pest control company’s top concerns should always be Protection, Preservation, & Peace of Mind.

Will the pesticides hurt my family, pets, garden, environment, or any beneficial insects?

Beware pest control companies that simply spray and go away. Smart and ecofriendly pest control companies are committed to attacking pests in a targeted manner, reducing the need for harmful pesticides that can harm your family and pets. We treat Southwest Florida with 3PMAX Integrated Pest Management. Our modern pest control service eliminates pests without harming beneficial insects, and providing the least impact to the environment.

Will the pests come back?

As much as we wish our technicians could treat your home once and not have to return, we call them pests for a reason. Pest Control companies exist because pests come back. This is why a continuing treatment plan is so important. After an initial pest inspection and treatment, most pests can be kept at bay with quarterly pest control treatments. Termite control by way of ongoing monitoring of bait stations will need to be on a regular basis as well.

How much will it cost?

Most reputable pest control companies will charge for pest control based on the size of your home. Pricing based on home size is preferable to a company who seems to be determining prices at random. Look for a company that clearly defines your pricing upfront, this is a good sign of reputability. Curious about out Pest Control Pricing? 

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