Three Popular Methods to Sell a Home

The most standard route to sell a property will be to list the property on the market with a licensed real estate agent. This method has been standard for decades and typically is the most utilized way to sell property simply because it allows the seller to receive the most for their home. Selling property on the market involves numerous requirements. As a homeowner, you will have to make any necessary renovations to get your parcel to specific standards and go through the process of preparing the house for showings. The method of selling property on the market can consume months, so most individuals who desire to “sell my house fast Philadelphia” Will avoid the standard on the market route. 

No Reason to Wait on An Agent

Once the required repairs happen, the property will be ready to find a qualified buyer for showings. After finding a buyer, the seller will have to wait until the buyer’s proof of funds or financing is accepted. The title company will begin the title search is on average, which takes three weeks to complete before the closing date. This method also requires inspections, which exposes issues the seller has not been familiar with, leading to costly repairs. Two of the most important aspects of a home will be an updated bathroom and kitchen; do not make these repairs unless the agent directs you to; these repairs are costly. You want to ensure you can receive profit on these renovations. 

For Sale by Owner 

The method of For Sale by Owner to sell property on the surface seems like the best option, but specific details can deter most homeowners. For Sale by Owner allows the seller to avoid the real estate agent commissions. Which typically equals six per cent of the total sales price; avoiding this commission allows for more profit. The tricky part is that most sellers who go this route have no prior knowledge of the real estate process and little knowledge of the actual value of their property. Many sellers utilize FSBO underbids themselves, which leaves money on the table. If you decide to “sell my house fast Baltimore” On your own, at least consult with a professional to figure out the actual value of your property! 

Getting Guided by a Professional 

A professional will guide you on which repairs will be necessary to maximize profit and prepare a home to appeal to a potential buyer. A “Philadelphia real estate” agent will also specialize in marketing properties. Including listing the property on a service like MLS. It makes the property available to agents and investors in multiple states; an agent may also advertise the property in ways an average homeowner would not imagine, which may cost the seller time and money if they go about selling property on their own! Since most homeowners do not know real estate contracts, they may have to consult a professional like a lawyer, which provides another reason to leave this overwhelming process to an agent. 

Quick Home Sale Directly to Investor 

Selling property directly to an investor is remarkably like For Sale by Owner; it provides for the benefits of an off-market sale and the capability to simplify the selling process. The quick house sale route allows

the seller to avoid the six per cent real estate agent commission while consuming a fraction of the time as the traditional method on the market. Every percentage count, considering you will be accountable for closing costs and capital gains tax. 

As-Is Home Sale 

Another benefit when you sell your property directly to an investor you avoid making any repairs/renovations or completing any inspections; it is a pure as-is sale. Most families cannot afford the necessary repairs to earn the top dollar on their property. So it may fit their needs to sell the property in the current condition. Most investors can close fast on the property; once the title clears, you will get a closing date within three weeks of the contract date. The monetary funds for investors are available more quickly than an individual taking out a standard loan through a bank. 

Best Way of Selling 

Many people prefer this method because it is straightforward and straightforward. Once you get the sales price, both parties will sign a brief two-page agreement of sale, which will be forwarded to a local reputable title company to begin the title search, clear any existing liens, taxes, or mortgages. The title company will produce a clean title between one and three weeks; once this process gets completed, the title company will schedule a date and time for closing. 

What Happens at Closing 

At closing, all the proper documents will get signed; the title company will release the funds to the seller either by paper check or wire transfer directly to the seller’s bank. Like any other route, you may decide to consult with a professional to understand the property’s value, and a clear view of the contract is signed! View all your options to figure out which method will be best to sell “Philadelphia real estate” depending upon your needs; the property of sale on the market & off-market has pros and cons associated with it! 

Buying Property 215 

If you decide your best option will be to “sell a house fast” off-market sale directly to an investor, consider contacting Buying Property 215 for a no-obligation all-cash offer. They are a family-owned real estate solutions company that specializes in purchasing property in any condition within three weeks. . Whether you are faced with foreclosure, major structural issues, a recent divorce, or liens on your property, this family-owned company has experience with any situation and knowledge on the best way to deal with any obstacle! 

Family-owned Real Estate 

When you “sell my house fast in Baltimore” to Buying Property 215. You avoid the six per cent agent commissions while paying no closing costs and fees. In addition, complete zero repairs and have no obligation to clear the property of any unwanted items or furniture while closing on a period that best

suits your needs! Buying Property 215 offers many real estate services; reach out to discuss your options and what your best route may be to sell your home!

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