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This Is How to Get More Storage Space in Your Home

Do you have too much in your home? Sometimes, the amount of stuff you have in your house gets overwhelming. There are just never enough places to put everything you need!

But lucky for you, there are lots of options out there. Let’s go through our answers to how to get more storage in your home.

Create More Space

If you have unused areas of your home, you can use them to add more space. If you have spare loft space, for example, try looking into Instaloft boarding. Or, if you have a crawlspace, you can get the area properly cleaned out to make more room for storage.

Those who have large backyards can consider putting external storage structures on their property.

Use Double Features

Some furniture and structures can double both as storage space and something more functional. Utilizing these items can help you make more space in your cluttered house. For example, you can have ottomans you can sit on or kick your feet up on that also contain storage space within them.

You can create your own side tables using vintage suitcases so that you’ll have places to put your items and a lot more storage. Plus, this can add a funkier feel to your home.

If you desperately need more storage in your bedroom, you can look into storage bed frames and headboards. These are a great place to store books, if you need more space on your bookshelves. You can also set up the wires you need for your cellphone and alarm clock to keep everything you need on hand and as close to you as possible.

Get Organized

It’s one thing to find storage space, but it’s quite another to ensure that you know where everything is once it has been stored. That’s why you’ll need to ensure that your things are properly organized once you store them. This will also save you space in the future, since you won’t be replacing items you already own.

Label your boxes clearly and specifically, and create an itemized list if possible. Using clear storage bins is a good choice for things that may need to be stored for a long time since you’ll be able to see into the box and figure out what’s there.

Go Up

Vertical storage is one great thing to consider, particularly if you’re running out of space on the ground. 

Hooks, for example, can be a useful alternative to coatracks at your front door. You can also use them to replace free-standing towel racks in your washroom to reduce the amount of furniture necessary.

Store Your Clutter Somewhere Else

If you’re just drowning in stuff, you may need to rent storage at a facility. This will give you some room to breathe while you figure out what steps to take next. Plus, you should be able to rent storage on either a short-term or a long-term basis.

So, if you just need to get some stuff out of the way while you figure out where it’s going to go, short-term storage can be a great option. And if you have things you’ll need to hold onto but don’t necessarily need to be on hand at all times, long-term storage facilities can be helpful for you.

Be Creative

There are lots of creative ways to add more storage to your home that may take a little more time and effort. But they’ll likely be worth it in the end. For example, you can create behind-the-door shelving for storage that’s out of the way but still conveniently located if you need anything.

If you have space over your door, you can also install shelving up there to keep books and any knickknacks you have safe and out of harm’s way.

You can even hang pegboards inside your kitchen cabinets to hang your various utensils and cooking supplies. This will help ensure that you’re not wasting even the tiniest bit of space in your home. If you have room under your existing cabinets, you can add storage racks for easy access to everything you might need. 

You can even add some extra shelving in the back or sides of your closet to keep winter clothing or other items stored properly and out of the way.

Declutter Your Home

It may be worth considering getting rid of some of your stuff. There could be things you have duplicates of or items you just don’t need anymore. Plus, if you have things that are in good condition, you can pay it forward by donating these items to charity.

There are lots of different methods you can use to help you when you’re working on getting rid of clutter. If you’re tired of hearing about the KonMari method, simply choose a different one. 

The four-box method, for example, is an easy decluttering method that’s often used. If your biggest problem is loose clothing, use the clothes hanger method to try and get rid of extra clothing.

If you’re having trouble getting this all done by yourself, you don’t have to be. Ask your family members or friends to give you a little extra help. They may even find things in your discard piles that will make their life easier!

The Basics on How to Get More Storage

If you’re wondering how to get more storage, there’s no time to waste. If you follow these tips, you’ll be on the right path in no time.

If you’re searching for more home management and improvement tips, we can help. Don’t miss out — read through some of the other posts on this website.


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