The Ultimate Guide to Gaining TikTok Followers

Did you know that the TikTok app has been downloaded 3 billion times? It is one of the most frequently used apps in social media and presents a huge opportunity for individuals and businesses alike to create a strong platform. If you haven’t got your slice of the TikTok pie yet, now is the time to get involved.

But like all other social media platforms, it can take some navigating. Growing a platform and gaining TikTok followers takes time and energy. So, here are some great tips for finding your way around TikTok and getting the most out of it.

Find Your Hashtags

The hashtags you add to your posts will help other people find you. It’s vital that you use relevant hashtags to ensure you show up in people’s searches. Research popular hashtags and make sure you include hashtags that resonate with your business and brand.

When you do this, your posts can be viewed by the audience you’re marketing to. Using hashtags is the best way to make your videos visible on TikTok so if you’re wondering why you’re not being found by the right people, take a look at your hashtags first and foremost.

Post Unique Content

Posting unique content is how to get more TikTok followers and keep them interested. The name of the game is capturing people’s attention and entices them to stay until the end of the video. Think about what separates your brand from others. 

Perhaps people would like to see behind the scenes of the business or maybe you have an interesting fact to share. It’s always a good idea to take a look at the kind of content other businesses in your market are posting and what works for them. Be as creative as you can be to stop people scrolling and pay attention.

Interact With Users

When you want to gain more followers, you have to be seen. It’s not just about appearing in users’ feeds and your videos being watched. Getting your name in front of users is just as important.

You can do this by interacting with other users. Like their posts, comment on videos, and do it as often as you can. Join communities that are connected with your brand and make your business as visible as possible. 

Even though it can often take time, you may be surprised how many followers you get because they’ve seen your name so many times before.

Buy Followers

If you’re finding it difficult to master TikTok straight away, you can give your business a boost by buying followers. There are lots of ways you can purchase genuine followers that can give you a boost. Ironically, the more followers you have, the more followers will be attracted to your posts.

The best way to do this is through your TikTok page. As you become more of a social media influencer, these initial followers can lead you to others who have an interest in your content and business.

Regular Content

It’s essential that you post content regularly. The more active you are on TikTok, the more likely you are to be noticed by the right people. You should be posting at least once a day to stay visible to your audience.

The more you post, the easier it will be to understand the kind of content that your audience reacts to. What gets the most likes or comments? Does your audience enjoy humor or do they like to take part in polls?

Stand Out

The biggest challenge of using TikTok is that you compete with all other users. There are millions of people posting content in the hope of becoming the next big influencer. This being said, it’s your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Be as creative and innovative as you can be when you make your videos. Take time to think about what you want to say and how you should say it. It can make a difference to hire someone to create your videos for you.

A professional can add graphics and music scores to your videos that can make them look and sound more appealing to larger audiences.

Let Your Contacts Know

If you’ve built up a large following on another social media platform, it’s time to spread the word. Let your followers know you have a TikTok account and you’ll be posting brand updates in a way they may not have seen before. Share your TikTok account details and share some of the content you create on TikTok.

Avoid sharing all of the content you create for TikTok on other platforms because followers will have no reason to join you on TikTok. Think about incentives for your followers to join you. Perhaps you could do all your big reveals on TikTok or run brand competitions through your videos.

Build Your Brand With TikTok Followers

There are tons of advantages to building your brand with TikTok but you can’t do it without TikTok followers. It should be your mission to build your following on TikTok through engaging and creative content that shows exactly what your business is all about. Once people start following your account, it’s important to keep continuity in your posts so you don’t lose momentum with gaining followers.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, the (TikTok) world is your oyster! If you’ve found this article helpful, why not take a look at the rest?


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