The Teacher’s Toolkit: 7 Most In-Demand School Supplies

As a teacher, you know the importance of a solid set of school supplies. While curriculum, instruction, and classroom management are essential, having the provisions to accomplish daily tasks is just as critical.

Read on for seven must-have school supplies for teachers.

A high-quality pencil sharpener

All teachers know the pain of having a faulty pencil sharpener that snaps and dulls lead instead of sharpening it. Though it may not seem like a necessary purchase, swapping out worn-down models with a high-quality sharpener can solve annoying hold-ups when students inevitably break their pencils.

Classroom decorations

When students enter your classroom, you want them to feel welcome, at ease, and ready to learn. Even simple classroom decorations like wall posters are vital for teachers hoping to create a more engaging and inviting environment. For example, fun charts, inspirational quotes, and student art are excellent ways to spruce up your space.

For teachers with a knack for arts and crafts, consider investing more time into the decor, bringing in bright colors, and hanging banners to keep students interested throughout the day. In the end, children are more likely to enjoy their time in class if their space is exciting and learning-centered.


Teaching today is nearly impossible without technology. Forward-thinking teachers should invest in a high-quality laptop and push for interactive whiteboards to integrate helpful tech into teaching endeavors. Electronic boards display slides, images, and videos and allow students to work on interactive assignments with the click of a button.

Most teachers also agree that a set of tablets for their classrooms are highly beneficial. Students and teachers alike find schooltime activities more interactive and accessible through educational applications.


While most teachers have printer paper and construction paper on hand, many overlook the diversity of cardstock. For teachers that prioritize creativity and craftiness, keeping a stock of stiffer paper on hand is perfect for daily student projects.

Colored pens

A significant amount of planning goes into teaching. You likely have tasks, meetings, lessons, and more to keep organized. By using colored pens, you can easily keep track of events, due dates, and upcoming projects by color-coding each itinerary item. 

Index cards

Index cards are a valuable tool for both teachers and students. Whether you’re creating flashcards, learning class names, or handing out pop quizzes, index cards are the perfect low-cost, low-waste solution.

Plus, index cards are excellent organizational tools for students learning broad subjects, with handy holders and alphabetical organizers to keep cards neat and easily accessible.


Dice may not seem like an essential supply—but like the other items on this list, they’re versatile and can make almost any activity more engaging. For example, you can use dice for writing and math practice or whip them out as a fidget toy for overstimulated students.

Parting shot

School supplies are an essential part of any teacher’s toolkit. While great teachers spend most of their time planning engaging lessons, the right set of supplies helps the teacher to bring their plans to life.

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