Creative Drawing Prompts that Appeals to Kids and Inspire them to Draw

Even before knowing how to write and read, kids love to hold their pencils over a piece of paper and draw lines until they begin to form shapes, objects and what have you.

Aha! You can argue that drawing is one of the best fun moments for little kids. It gives them the freedom to express themselves. Despite their love for this activity, they sometimes do not find the motivation to do it, especially when they don’t have any idea on what and how to draw. The questions are; what can make drawing more fun and interesting? What can inspire a reluctant kid to engage in this activity? Let’s find answers to these questions.

You might think that it is just about pointing out  what to draw or even showing them the particular object to draw. All these may not work for their imaginative capability but do you know what would do that? Yes, I know and I will tell you! Introduce to them creative drawing prompts that serve as the inspiration to engage the activity they love. 

Hence, this article exposes you to some useful creative drawing prompts to inspire your kids. Come along as we open the treasure box! 

1. Introduce their favorite 

Well, this could be their favourite item, cartoon character, professions, family/friend or even a superhero. How about we categorize them into the following;

  • Cartoon characters such as Disney Prince and princess, Ben 10, Apes, Simba and so on.
  • Professions such as footballer, policeman, Nurse, Journalist, Lawyer, Pastor, Accountant, Athlete and so on. 
  • Superheroes from movies/cartoons such as The Wonder woman, Spiderman etc. Kids can be told to imagine themselves as a superhero and draw. This will enable them to get into role-playing while coloring. 

Loved ones: best friend, grandparents, father/mother, siblings, how to draw a teacher and so on. 

2.  Imaginative Capability

Haven’t you heard that imagination is the greatest country in the world because it has the capacity to accommodate anything you can think of. This can be one of the greatest creative prompts for kids. You can inspire them to sketch out what they can see in their imagination. They don’t need to force but with calmness will produce great results. 

The creative prompts can include something in the outer space, the bottom of the ocean, a wild fire or volcano,  Heavy rainfall and flooding, a car- airplane in the air,  an imaginative animal that doesn’t exist, funny dressing style, character from their own story, animals waltzing, how the world looks from underground, a well dressed tree/fruit and so many other things that can be imagined. 

3. Incomplete Drawings

If you are familiar with printable coloring pages/ books, then you will know that there are sketches that can be printed or downloaded to be completed. This creative prompt can include incomplete drawings of objects they like, a tree, flowers, bridge, a person and so many others. 

4.  Using Zentangle patterns to draw

Zentangle is an easy method that involves the use of structured patterns or lines to draw aesthetic images. This can also be a useful prompt to inspire kids to draw. It is easy because images can be formed with repeated lines created to achieve a certain objective. It is a calm and relaxing method that can engage kids for a long time. You can introduce them to this method which can become a favourite drawing method for them. 

5. Drawing on another Medium- Cloth

You may seem surprised that you have to change the medium. Yes, aside from drawing on papers, sketchbooks, drawing pads, you can draw on clothes. It is often said that there are different strokes for different folks, that’s true. When your kid gets bored with the aforementioned medium, you can allow the little artist to draw on a white cloth. This is another fascinating and interesting drawing prompt for kids. You can look for old T-shirts, worn jeans, or any piece of cloth that can serve for this purpose. Let it be the canvas for their artistic outlet.

6.  Chalkboard drawing

Kids see chalkboards at school but may not have access to using it except to copy notes from there. How about getting this medium for them to explore as well as experiment by unleashing their artistic abilities. Give them colored markers and allow them to draw anything that comes to their mind. 

7. Draw and cut-out crafts

Do you know what excites kids the most? Let me tell you what this prompt is all about. Kids love to be able to create crafts that can be kept in their little treasure boxes. So, you can inspire them not only to engage only in drawing but make images that can be cut out into crafts. Let them have fun creating masks, flags, helmets, maps, figurines and so on. This drawing prompt will also improve their fine motor spirit and their DIY capability. 

8. Scribbling

This method is good for toddlers to learn how to draw. Give them some drawing materials like pencil, pen, papers, colors or what have you. You can guide them to be able to use the scribbling to create a pattern that can create images. Afterwards, you can show them how to use the colors that appeal to them to the scribble lines. 

I believe that with the few prompts shared above that you can get your little one to start using as a guide to have a fun time while engaged in drawing. Well, your little kid may not become the next Micheal D’Angelo, Da Vinci, Picasso or other famous artist of the world. Go ahead and try these prompts to find out which ones work for your kid. Drawing is a great pastime and when you find out what works for your kid and apply.

Drawing is regarded as the first language of expression for kids. They don’t necessarily have to create a masterpiece from the onset. Encourage them to create what comes into their mind and have fun while they doodle, sketch, scribble or whatever the case may be. 

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