The Most Experienced Shed Movers of Florida are Ready To Go To Work For You!

Most people have a lot of anxiety when preparing to move to their new home, which is perfectly understandable. You’ve called the same place home for years, and you worked hard to turn it into a comfortable and permanent residence. You’ve completed plenty of home improvement projects, and you even bought a storage shed for the backyard. But you have a career to consider, and We Will Transport It can get that shed moving! We can help you locate and schedule service with an experienced and qualified shed moving company in Florida, and you can schedule service with no money down! 

Can I Move a 10 x 12 Shed DIY?

Moving a small shed on your own is difficult, but you can do the job with a track and pipe roller system and several friends. You’ll need to release the shed from its anchors and carefully raise it onto the track using jacks. Once the shed starts rolling on the track, you’ll need to remove each pipe that it clears and reset it in the shed’s path. If you don’t feel like doing that much work, we don’t blame you! Professional shed movers near me will use a forklift to move your shed, and an experienced driver will operate it.

How Much is it To Move A Shed Across The Yard?

The only expense you’ll incur when you move a shed on your own is a lot of inconvenience and discomfort. It’s a false economy because hiring professional shed movers of Florida is surprisingly affordable! You should budget $200-600 to relocate a small shed to a different spot on your property, and you can get a price quote for shed movers near me 24 hours a day.

How Do You Move A 10×15 Shed?

Some small sheds can be easily moved once they’re freed from their anchoring. You can move the shed a short distance on your own once it’s released from its anchoring, or you can hire professional Florida shed movers to pick up the shed and deliver it to a new location. If the shed is anchored to a foundation, it can’t be moved without causing significant structural damage.

Can A Shed Be Dismantled And Moved?

Some homeowners choose to disassemble their sheds and reassemble them at the new location. If you pick this difficult option, remove the shed’s contents and clean out any accumulated debris before you start. Remove the windows and wrap them in shipping blankets before shipping. Look out for rusty screws or nails while you’re working, and keep track of the shed’s components when stacking them on the trailer. Secure all of the parts of the shed to the trailer before transport, and load the windows last.

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