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A professional locksmith’s day may appear uninspiring, but you’d be surprised at what happens on a typical locksmith’s day. Most people associate a locksmith’s job with working hard on difficult-to-crack locks and unbolting tense latches. Worse, the possibility of working odd hours makes it appear like a frustrating job. Well, the upcoming movie “The Locksmith” is an excellent depiction of some possibilities in a locksmith profession, some of which are mildly amusing while others are downright thrilling. 

In reality, a locksmith’s job is both satisfying and rewarding. In this article, we are going to take a look at some movies that focus on the locksmith as the main character. They are full of drama, action, and real life emotions. Let’s get started!

The Locksmith 

The upcoming film “The Locksmith” is a fantastic depiction of the profession with a minor but amusing twist. Despite being a work of fiction, the movie is set to blow our minds with exciting truths wrapped up in a thrilling storyline.

‘The Locksmith’ depicts the life of an expert locksmith who is also an ex-convict. Miller, the locksmith, had just been released from prison after serving time for theft. His main goal is to rekindle his relationship with his daughter as well as with his ex-lover, who is now a police detective. Miller’s determination to make a new start necessitates using his locksmith skills. However, things take a turn for the worse after an unexpected kidnapping. The incident sets off a dramatic chain of events.

This thriller film, which will be released later this year, will allow you to see and learn about various aspects of a locksmith’s career.

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is a 2014 collection of love-themed short stories. The stories take the audience to charming public spaces in various locations where people are tied together in love by padlocks. They cover aspects of love such as heartbreak, families, romance, and friendship. The film is more about love than it is about locksmiths. However, it represents a portion of their work involving thousands of locks. Of course, locksmiths have nothing to do with love stories, but they, too, have a life outside of work. It emphasizes that being an excellent locksmith requires only a healthy work-life balance.


Manglehorn is the story of a dispirited Texas locksmith. The locksmith, A.J. Manglehorn, has a dark past as a heartbroken man. He has a distinct habit of spending a lot of time caring for his cat, in which he finds a glimmer of hope that he can love again. The plot revolves around a dejected locksmith who only finds solace in his job and cat. Although sad, it depicts the possibility of finding happiness and comfort in the profession he loves.

Lock Charmer

Sebastian, a locksmith, best represents the flip side of the profession. The locksmith in ‘Lock Charmer’ is portrayed as someone who avoids committed relationships. However, he discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant and that he will soon be a father. Coincidentally, the locksmith discovers an extraordinary power in his line of work. His job gives him access to other people’s emotions whenever he works for them. A sudden flash reveals their emotions to the locksmith, and he chooses whether or not to act on such emotions.

Although partially beneficial, the gift begins to impact his life negatively. The strange ability to define people’s feelings complicates his life. However, it also causes him to reflect on his life’s successful and unsuccessful relationships. It is a path to a redemptive part of his life in which he analyzes his feelings and those of others and makes decisions from such precedence. Aside from the work of a locksmith, this film has several other themes. It does, however, depict the vital work locksmiths do by utilizing their exceptional ability to operate locks and gaining other people’s trust in ways that most people cannot. It represents the significance of the profession in serving humanity.

Working as a professional locksmith is frequently misunderstood as a dull occupation. On the other hand, these and other locksmith-themed films expose people to the realities of the profession. The films also teach that being a locksmith is a profession through which one can serve society diligently while also making the most of one’s life.

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