The Everlasting Comfort Solution to Seasonal Pests

Whether you enjoy the odd game of baseball or you like to sit on the porch with a magazine, being outdoors is probably a large part of your life, as long as bad weather doesn’t force you inside.  Perhaps you don’t mind the patio or screen door you currently have.  Opening a door for a dog isn’t that much of a problem, and the screen door doesn’t always jam, after all, but what if you could acquire a doggy door without reworking or replacing the door you have?  What if your current screen door is finally on its last legs? The magnetic screen door attachment could be an excellent investment in your home, especially if your local climate’s warm enough year-round.  With their heavy-duty fine-mesh curtains, these doors are as good a bastion against inclement weather as conventional screen doors.

Won’t It Be Difficult to Install?

Not really.  The installation is certainly quick.  Black all-metal thumbtacks can fasten the screen door to wooden door frames, while hook-and-loop tape can fasten the screen door to aluminum doors or other metal doors.  Mechanisms for both options are included with the screen door, of course.  As intuitive as the installation is, the product comes with a short and sweetly written manual, and there are also video tutorials online for this particular screen door.  No matter a door frame’s material, this screen door suits all sizes smaller than or equal to 38 by 82 inches.  In all cases, you should measure the target door frame before buying the screen door.  Once you install the screen door, feel free to leave it there all year-round.  The harsh winter elements won’t affect it any more than the mild summer elements will.  If you don’t prefer to leave it there during winter, uninstallation takes as little time as the installation does.

How Resilient Could My Screen Door Really Be?

This magnetic screen door is designed to last longer than regular screen doors that usually rest behind patio doors.  The tough mesh of the door is as resilient to usage by you, your pets, or your kids as it is to the elements.  That thick layer of polyester guarantees that your screen door will last for decades if not a lifetime, and you needn’t adjust it much, to begin with: The magnets are weak enough for you to walk through the screen door without using your hands, but the magnets are strong enough to close the door behind you, so there’s no fumbling, opening, tearing, or closing.  If you need to carry a series of hefty groceries, then go ahead.  Use both hands.  Kids and pets, who’d be even more prone to tearing and fumbling, needn’t use their hands (or paws) either.  By the way, if you have young dogs in contrast to cats or older dogs, this door makes potty training much easier for you.  Not only is this magnetic screen door durable, but it ensures that assailants rarely challenge its durability.

What Other Benefits Are There?

Generally, people are more excited about baseball season and hot dogs than they are about wasps and spiders.  The magnetic screen door offers the good parts of the outdoors while leaving the bad parts outside.  Like the elements, insects can’t live in your house rent-free.  When those 26 magnets close behind you, they mean business, and so does the tough curtain.  Because the curtain is so fine, sunlight and airflow pass through it as if it’s an open window.  Also, as its durability ensures its longevity, you won’t have to squander money on either maintenance or a replacement.  Its versatile size allows for you to install it on front doors, patio doors, or RV doors, and at a fraction of a pound, it’s portable enough for you to install it on another door at any time.  Maybe what makes more sense is for you to bring it on your RV trip than to leave it in your doorway for two weeks.  Enjoy the screen door’s retractability and flexibility as you decide which door frame is next for installation. 

The screen door to your patio that jams all the time is tolerable enough to work for you, but it’s not working as well as it could.  Consider a one-time fee of about 30 dollars, and you won’t have to think about a screen door ever again.  Between plumbing and electricity, a house has so many facets of which to keep track, so you might as well take one item out of the equation completely.  Whether you’re hosting a cookout or performing yard work, an easy way in and out of your home will go a long way. Trust the magnets, trust the mesh, and have a good summer.

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