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The Different Types of Home Windows That Homeowners Have Today

Windows are the eyes of your home. It is important to understand the different types of windows to select a style that suits your needs.

Windows hold other functions, such as controlling air ventilation. The best home windows will vary by architecture and climate. In this guide, we will cover seven common residential windows and their pros and cons.

Want to learn which types of home windows are best for yours? Keep reading below to learn about residential windows.

1. Skylights

Skylights are windows constructed on a roof. They are generally found in attics. Skylights can have the option to open too.

Skylights are beautiful and add value to any home’s real estate since they are stunning day and night. During the day they provide ample bird’s eye lighting and at night you can look up at the stars and moon. The one con with skylights is that if they are improperly installed, hail, water leaking, and insects can damage the home.

2. Colored Glass

You might recognize these windows from religious establishments. The most common are stained glass windows. These windows can boost the exterior of a home.

Inside they can provide more privacy as they are hard to see through. With colored-glass windows, you can skip blinds and curtains. On the downside, it is harder to see through stained glass, so it is not for those who like to look outside.

3. Awning

Awning windows open out and form an “awning shape” when unlatched. They can be open during rainfall and provide decent airflow. The two downsides are their ability to obstruct walkways when open and their proneness to wear and tear.

4. Sliding

These are windows that are slid across horizontally to ventilate. These are among the most affordable windows to install since they don’t involve any complicated parts.

The center frame between the two windows does obstruct the view, which can be a downside. This can also hurt curb appeal.

5. Bay

These are some of the most high-end windows, especially in window replacement when a flat window is changed to a bay shape. These windows add square footage in the home, provide a deep shelf for sitting and decor and provide ample sun. Bay window installation is expensive, so be prepared for a cost upwards of $1,000 and up to $4,000.

6. Picture

As the name suggests, these windows provide a picturesque, unobstructed view. Picture windows are free of frames and screens. Unfortunately, they can’t be opened for fresh air.

This makes cleaning easy and means the widows have an airtight seal. On the downside, picture windows aren’t energy-efficient. The heat may leave in cool months and the sun can overheat the house in warm months.

7. Double or Single Hung Windows

These are the two most common types of home windows. These two windows are nearly identical, except single-hung windows only open from the bottom half. They are the best home windows for homeowners seeking ventilation and a view without breaking the bank.

These windows are the best of everything providing ventilation, a view, and affordable pricing. They can wear with repeated opening and the seal isn’t weather-tight.

Choosing Your Ideal Types of Home Windows

The great thing about windows is they are fully customizable. You can choose different types of home windows for different spaces in your house. Together they will create the perfect ambiance.

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