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The Difference Between Energy-Efficient Windows and Traditional Windows

Are you wondering why you should get energy-efficient windows?

If you love having floor-to-ceiling windows in your home, you know the feeling of a draft. Despite the heating in your home, windows can let out the heat and let the cold seep in. This can result in higher heating and electricity bills.

Getting an energy-efficient window can resolve this problem.

Did you know that energy-efficient windows can help you save on electricity costs? This is because these windows have thermal resistance that can help you cut heating costs.

If you’re looking to save on utility costs, invest in energy-efficient windows. Keep on reading to learn how these windows differ from traditional ones.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows are windows that have better thermal insulation. This helps you regulate the temperature in your home better and keep it at your desired number. These windows often have extra panes that help create this extra insulation.

Most energy-efficient windows are double or triple panes. These windows are for you if you need a home window replacement that can insulate your home better. Its efficient insulation helps keep you more comfortable while cutting utility costs.

Traditional windows often serve as a barrier between the outside and inside. Most people add windows to their homes for aesthetic value. This can lead to windows that are inefficient and drafty.

Having drafty windows can rack up your electric bill. This is because your air conditioning works harder to reach the desired temperature. Keeping it at this constant temperature will also need more electricity and power.

This is why you should get a window with better energy efficiency. This is also perfect if you are conscious of the environment. Cutting the electricity needed to warm your home reduces your carbon footprint.

Materials of Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient window materials are what makes it better than other windows. These materials were specially made to give better insulation than traditional windows. There are several features that you can choose from in an energy-efficient window.

The first material is double or triple-glazed glass window units. This material is what the majority of energy-efficient windows get made of. This extra glaze helps your window have better heat preservation.

The second material could be airtight sealing which is hermetic. Having an airtight window is also sure to let external temperatures in.

There are also coatings made from metallic oxide, known as low-emissivity coatings. Low-E coatings and add more insulation properties to your windows. You can also add a reflecting glass coating to help your window reflect light and heat.

Double or triple-pane glass units can also get stuffed with insulating gas. The most common gasses used for this are argon or krypton. These gasses slow the transmission of heat from inside to outside your home.

The Science Behind Energy-Efficient Windows

As mentioned, traditional windows serve as a barrier between the outside and inside. But energy-efficient windows are more functional. This is because they can also serve as a thermal barrier.

Energy-efficient windows slow the transfer of heat from your home to the outside. This is through the insulating materials used to create energy-efficient windows. They reduce heat transfer through the use of many glazing units and more.

Heat transfer is why your HVAC is not as efficient as it can be. During the winter months, heat from your home escapes and gets transmitted outside. This happens through a process called conduction.

Things in your home, such as doors, walls, and windows, are conductors. Inefficient windows are fast conductors and will let heat out fast. Energy-efficient windows help slow down conduction, which helps your home keep heat.

The same thing applies during the summer when you are cooling your home. The cool air from your home’s HVAC escapes through the windows. Having energy-efficient windows help keep the temperature in your home more constant.

Benefits of Getting an Energy Efficient Window

A benefit of investing in energy-efficient windows is that they can help you cut up to 12% off your utility bill. Having this kind of window also lessens your carbon footprint. This is because you reduce the energy needed to warm or cool your home.

If your HVAC uses gasoline, you can save anywhere from 50 to 300 gallons by switching windows. Having energy-efficient windows also results in having a more comfortable home. This is because you are able to keep your desired temperature level with ease.

Better thermal regulation in your home also means that your HVAC will have a longer lifespan. Your HVAC system needs to be constantly running to keep a consistent temperature. Fluctuating temperatures may make it run harder than it needs to.

Better insulation does mean not only thermal insulation, but also acoustic. An energy-efficient window is also helpful in keeping noise out of your home. This results in less noise and more peace in your home.

The steadier temperature in your home also means less condensation on your windows. this means you can always enjoy a clear view from your window. Having energy-efficient windows also increases your home’s value.

If you are selling your home, energy-efficient windows result in higher ROI. Home buyers are often more drawn to energy-efficient windows, as they can save on utilities for a lifetime. You can also get UV protection from energy-efficient windows.

If you want UV protection, you should get a low-E glass window or a film that protects against UV rays. These windows can protect you protect from 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Learn More About Energy-Efficient Windows Today

People don’t often put a lot of thought into their windows, but now you know about energy-efficient windows! These windows can reduce your electric bill and give you the privacy you want.

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