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The Consequences of Not Mowing Your Lawn (Yikes!)

How often should you mow your lawn? It’s a complicated question; while it would be nice to stick to a set schedule, the truth is that the answer varies depending on the weather, the lawn, and more.

As long as you mow your lawn before the grass gets out of control, you should be fine. However, what happens if you don’t mow your lawn? What are the consequences of letting your lawn grow indefinitely?

Mowing your lawn has more benefits than most people realize–which means that if you don’t mow, you’ll face quite a few drawbacks. Read on to learn some of the consequences of failing to mow your lawn.

An Unkempt Lawn

Let’s start with the obvious: if you stop mowing your lawn, your grass will grow too tall. This results in a messy, unkempt lawn that you won’t enjoy looking at.

As your grass gets taller, it starts to clump together; you’ll also notice seed heads sprouting from the grass. It will look like your lawn is full of weeds.

Unhealthy Grass

Your grass isn’t meant to grow too tall; turf is healthiest when it’s short. Tall grass requires more water and other resources to stay healthy. After it’s cut, it doesn’t automatically adjust to using fewer resources again.

In other words, your grass will keep taking in extra water even after it’s been cut down to a manageable size. This results in unhealthy grass. The best way to keep a beautiful, green lawn is to mow regularly.

Property Ordinance Violations

In many places, mowing your lawn isn’t just a good idea–it’s the law. Cities across the United States have property ordinances that require your grass to stay below a certain height.

By letting your grass continue to grow, you open yourself up to fines and other legal ramifications.

A Breeding Ground for Pests

Tall grass offers protection to small creatures. Insects and other pests enjoy the coverage that tall grass can provide, hiding them from predators. An unkempt yard can hide termites, ticks, and more.

Once these creatures have settled in your grass, it’s only a matter of time before they move into your home.

Harder to Mow

Have you ever tried to mow tall grass? The more the grass grows, the harder mowing your lawn becomes. Many mowers are only effective on grass that’s five inches or less.

If your grass gets too tall, you’ll have to cut it with a weed whacker or other tool before you can even think about bringing out your lawnmower. Your mowing process will take a lot longer as a result.

Understand What Happens if You Don’t Mow Your Lawn

Now that you know what happens if you don’t mow your lawn, you can see why you need your lawn mowed regularly. Without consistent maintenance, your lawn could cost you time, money, and peace of mind.

Taking care of your lawn is an important aspect of being a homeowner, but your home’s interior is just as crucial. Visit our lifestyle blog for advice on home renovations, interior design tips, and more!


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