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The Complete and Only Home Selling Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you know a lot of people are buying homes right now? If you want to learn about tips on selling your home, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over a home selling checklist. This checklist will help you prep your home for the real estate market.

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You’ll Want to Find a Reputable Agent

Before you begin to think about selling your home, you’ll want to find a reputable agent. A reputable agent will help you during the home selling process.

Find someone who has plenty of years of experience selling homes. You want an agent who makes you feel comfortable but also points out repair suggestions.

A solid agent will know the market and understand how to position your house. You can also ask your agent about different options. Learn more about selling your house for cash.

Inspect Your Home’s Curb Appeal

You’ll want to consider an interested buyer’s first impression when they see your home.

Make a solid first impression by revamping your curb appeal. Excellent curb appeal will increase the number of buyers scheduling a tour.

Complete a straightforward fix like repainting your front door. Keep up with regular lawn care, or fix your driveway.

Your real estate agent will also provide insight on how you could boost your curb appeal.

Start Decluttering Your Home

Before selling your home, make sure you declutter your rooms.

Getting rid of clutter will help you and interested home buyers. Clutter creates a sense of chaos, mess, and stress.

Start removing clutter on visible areas like your tables, countertops, and windowsills. It would help if you also worked on areas that are behind closed doors. Curious buyers might open a closet or drawer.

Buyers might have a hard time visualizing living in your home if it’s overflowing with a mess. You want them to see a clean slate, so to speak, and begin imagining how they would decorate.

If you end up with many excess items, bring them to a local shelter and donate them.

Try Removing Personal Items

Next, you’ll want to start packing away personal items like family photos and antiques.

These are distractions that will pull a home buyer away from the purpose of the visit. People will have an easier time visualizing living there.

Get Rid of Bold and Bright Walls

Some homeowners love bold colors, and they might choose to paint their living room or kitchen dark green or rusty orange. Yet, potential buyers might not have the same taste.

A lot of real estate agents will suggest a neutral color to replace the bold ones. The buyer will see the neutral wall and imagine repainting it.

Buyers will picture themselves in the house. If they don’t feel at home, they’ll look at other real estate options.

Complete Small Repairs

Another thing you should do is finish minor repairs around your home. Do you have a loose doorknob that needs tightening or a leaking window?

Make sure you clean up these minor repairs. Touch up your baseboards, crack fill holes in the wall, and repaint parts of the wall.

Your home will appear well-maintained, and buyers will feel encouraged by this.

Selling a home can be a challenge. Yet, if you have a lot of minor repairs or problems, home buyers will get turned off.

You want a buyer to walk into your home and fall in love with it. You don’t want them to worry about all the work they will need to complete.

To impress home buyers, make sure your home’s in top shape. Finish these repairs beforehand. Move-in-ready homes often bring about way more interest.

Pick up House Plants

Breathe life and fresh decor into your home by picking up house plants. Bright green plants will make your home appear inviting and welcoming.

Some sellers will fill up a vase with colorful flowers every week. They will put the vase on the dining table or kitchen counter.

These natural elements will add a touch of color to your home and interest buyers.

Get Rid of Strange Smells

Bad odors will become a major deal-breaker for most home buyers. You might not notice the smell because you have lived in your home for an extended period, and this is why you need to conduct a smell test.

Bring in a third-party guest and ask them to walk through your home. You want them to look for any pet smells or strange odors in the basement or kitchen.

If you have some pervasive smells, you’ll need to conduct a deep clean. You should also pick up deodorizers and candles.

Don’t pick a strong scent like lavender or citrus.

Clean Your Home Daily

Most of the time, homeowners are never done cleaning. There’s always something that will need to get dusted, returned to the right spot, or deep cleaned.

Make cleaning a priority before selling your home and during the showing process.

A photographer will take professional images to post online. You want your home to look the same as it does in the pictures.

When you sell your house, keep it tidy. You don’t know when your agent will call and ask for a last-minute showing. Pay careful attention to your bathroom and kitchen since these are the most popular rooms in a home.

Use This Home Selling Checklist

We hope this home selling checklist was helpful. Consider how you will prepare for this significant life change.

You want to finish any minor repairs around your home and keep up with daily cleaning. Get rid of any pervasive smells, and boost your curb appeal.

Are you looking for more real estate or home maintenance tips? We have a wide variety on our blog and welcome you to stick around and browse.


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