The Challenges of Being a Carer for Elderly Parents

As your parents begin to age, you’re left with a difficult decision. You must choose to learn how to care for elderly parents or place your aging parent in a  senior care facility.

A study found that 10% of adults between the ages of 60 and 69 with parents who are still alive serve as caregivers to those parents.

Allowing your elderly parents to age in the comfort of their own home is always a blessing for them, but being a VA authorized in-home carer for elderly veteran parents in the Woodlands, TX isn’t always a simple task.

Being the sole caregiver of your aging parent is a big responsibility to take on. Before diving into this role, be sure to learn some of the difficulties you might face and how to care for elderly parents in the best way possible.

Continue reading below for a few tips for caring for elderly parents.

A Break in Your Schedule

If you choose to take on the role of the caregiver for your elderly parent, then it’s important to understand this will cause a break in your schedule.

Caring for an elderly parent requires time and patience. You must have the time available to give them.

You might see signs of memory loss or confusion in your parent. These are both normal in aging individuals. Your parent might not have the ability to cook meals for themselves, bathe themselves, clean, or take medications when needed. You’ll need to be there throughout the day to ensure your parent is safe and well taken care of.

This means devoting several hours of your day to their care.

Financial Stress

Most caregivers who are family members of the elderly individual aren’t being paid for their services. In fact, caring for an aging parent can save money by minimizing the need for in-home care services. However, this doesn’t take away from all the financial stress a caregiver might experience.

For example, caring for an again parent might take away from the caregiver’s paying job and require them to purchase meals and other items, which can all cause financial stress.

Emotional Stress

You’re slowly watching your parent lose their memory and physical strength. You’re constantly worried if they’re safe and comfortable when you’re not there with them. This can cause emotional stress and a lack of sleep.

You want to be sure your parent’s final years are full of happiness, comfort, good health, and safety. If you’re unable to be there 24/7, then this can be difficult to ensure.

Putting Your Mind at Ease

Thankfully, there’s a helpful way to put your mind at ease.

When you’re unable to devote all of your time to your aging parent, you can use an elderly monitoring system to keep an eye on them even when you’re not physically there.

This system allows you to monitor your parent’s entire home. The system will even send customized alerts to notify you when they’re in high-risk areas or when a smoke alarm goes off and more! A monitoring system gives you the peace you need to go about your busy life knowing your parent is safe.

Are You a Carer for Elderly Parents?

Choosing to become a carer for elderly parents is a big responsibility to take on, but well worth it in the end.

You can have peace of mind knowing your parent is comfortable, safe, and in good hands. Use the information provided in the guide above to prepare for the care of your elderly parent.

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