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The Best Outdoor Furniture Options for Your Backyard

Did you know that 90% of all Americans consider their outdoor living space more valuable now than ever before? Since the pandemic, more and more Americans have been investing in outdoor furniture like tables, lounge chairs, sofas, and lighting.

If you’re considering a backyard renovation and looking at furniture options, you’ll need to know where to start. Remember, you can use simple furniture pieces to make the biggest changes to your outdoor living space.

Keep reading this guide to learn about furniture ideas that will make your backyard sing!

Use Furniture With Storage Space

Your first option is to find outdoor furniture that offers additional storage space, so your outside living area is nice to look at and functional.

You can try an outdoor sectional with hidden storage compartments. You’ll also easily be able to find deck storage boxes with cushions that allow for both sitting space and excellent storage options.

Finally, consider spicing up your patio with a built-in bench that has storage. You can use an L-shaped bench to create an intimate seating area. Behind it, use a trellis to create the perfect private lounge.

Bring Your Indoor Furniture Style Outdoors

Creating a living room effect for your outdoor design can really make a difference in the feel of your backyard. In fact, more and more outdoor spaces are starting to become extensions of indoor living spaces.

You can try an oversized loveseat with plush cushions, an ottoman, and wicker chairs. Curved sofas and benches can also bring the cozy living room theme right to your patio. Make sure to include decorative accents like a rug and plants.

You can go here to get an idea of different furniture options to consider.

Create a Calming Retreat With Simple Pieces

What better way to relax after work than in a tranquil space you’ve created in your backyard? Your first step is finding simple pieces of furniture like wooden chairs and a low coffee table.

To finish the theme, you can also add flower arrangements, potted plants, hanging lights, or candles. Other options you can try are hanging lanterns, hammocks, or a daybed. This way, you can also have a space to read or take a nap outside after a long day.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen With Seating

An outdoor kitchen is one of those backyard design ideas that will stand the test of time. You can start by creating a U-shaped kitchen design. Center your grill among cabinetry so you’ll have ample counter space.

You can consider installing a kitchen island along with barstools for seating. Adding a sectional and a firepit to the mix makes it easy to relax after dinner.

Choosing sturdy materials that stand up against the weather and give you a rustic look is best. Materials like wood, concrete, stone, and granite work well.

Choosing the Best Furniture Options for Your Backyard

Now that you have ideas for incorporating different furniture options into your design, you can start making plans for your backyard renovations today.

Remember to do your research online to get more design inspiration. You could also consider hiring professional design help to turn your backyard into an oasis.

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