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The Best Indoor And Outdoor Pest Repellent – 2022

If you want to ward your home or garden of pests and are ready to buy a functional ultrasound model for pests, but don’t know which one to choose, here is the best pest repeller guide that’s right for you!

When pests decide to come and live in our house, they can become quite annoying roommates. We see one, then another and in a short time, without realizing it, our home or our garden are invaded by these rodents which, seen up close, are less sympathetic than the Jerry mouse.

To avoid having to be the ones to pack up and flee, it is better to immediately run for cover and find an effective and safe remedy to ward off unwelcome guests before they give birth under our roof. 

Ultrasonic rat deterrents are an efficient method of solving the problem without harming animals (rodents).

In this buying guide, we will explain what ultrasound chasers are and how they work. We will also suggest the best indoor and outdoor ultrasound models so that you can more easily find the one that best suits your needs.

Drives Out pest Ultrasound: What They Are

Ultrasounds for pests are bollards that do not cause damage to the health of animals or people.

Just place them in a strategic place in your apartment or garden, turn them on, and wait. We will hear nothing or, at most, a faint almost imperceptible whistle, while some animals will hear a noise that, for their eardrums, will be extremely annoying.

How come? Very simple: the speaker of the pest chaser will emit ultrasounds that will move at lengths that our ear cannot perceive, i.e. between 25000 and 62000 Hz.

Ultrasound For pest: Does It Work?

The answer is yes: this type of device is able to ward off not only pests but also moles and some insects, such as mosquitoes and ants. The sounds emitted will interfere with the nervous system, creating a short circuit in the brain and prompting them to seek an escape route to get away from the noise and escape to safety.

What Will Happen To Our Pets Instead?

If you have dogs, cats, or birds, no problem; their ears and nervous systems will not be affected by the noises emitted by the rat bollard. On the other hand, if you have rodents, such as rabbits or guinea pigs, you will need to avoid turning on the bollards at home or in the places where you keep them, as you risk creating serious problems for them.

Now that you know what the rat deterrent is, you are ready to find out which are the best items you can buy on the internet. To help you in your choice, we have identified 4 indoor and 3 outdoor bollards, all with excellent features and good value for money. The selected products also received excellent reviews on the web.

How To Choose Ultrasonic Scarecrow 

This guide contains 6 ultrasound models for animals currently on sale. Our selection took into account a series of characteristics that can make these appliances really efficient and, in particular, we evaluated:

  • Power of sound emitted
  • Range of sound
  • Possibility to vary the frequencies manually or automatically
  • Presence of LED lights and sounds
  • Power type
  • Strength and type of structure.
  1. Power Of The Emitted Sound

Even if for us it is as if they did not exist, the power with which the ultrasounds are emitted can be decisive as regards the effectiveness of the bollard in warding off rodents. Power is measured in decibels and the higher it is, the greater the distance.

  1. The Range Of Sound

In addition to the power, it is also important to evaluate another data usually reported in the bollard’s technical data sheet: the range of sound. This data allows us to understand what the effective coverage of the appliance we plan to buy is in square meters.

In particular, the minimum coverage radius is usually 120 square meters, but the most powerful models can cover an area of ​​about 500 square meters.

  1. The Possibility Of Varying The Frequencies, Manually Or Automatically

The ultrasonic Ever Pest Guard for pests works on frequencies ranging from 25000 Hz up to 62000 Hz. While the cheaper models do not allow you to vary the sound, always emitting the same sound, the complete ones allow you to do so.

Changing the frequency of the emitted sounds can be very important as rodents, after some time, tend to get used to a certain type of ultrasound. By changing the sound, you will avoid addiction and will be able to keep unwanted roommates away.

In addition to those which allow you to change frequencies manually, there are others, even more advanced, which change bands automatically,

  1. LED Lights

Ultrasound alone is effective in removing pests from our property, but extra help certainly does not hurt. Some models, especially those designed for outdoor use, are equipped with motion sensors.

When these sensors detect the presence of animals, they activate the LED lights that create some light effects capable of scaring not only rodents, but also birds and, in some cases, cats. The sensors also automatically activate the emission of ultrasounds, allowing to reduce energy consumption.

  1. Type Of Power Supply

While the previous characteristics directly influenced the effectiveness of the ultrasonic rodent, the type of feeding makes the device more suitable for use in certain contexts.

Indoor ultrasounds are usually connected to electricity, while outdoor ultrasounds can be powered by replaceable or rechargeable batteries; some models even use sunlight.

  1. Strength And Type Of Structure

Before buying an ultrasound scarecrow, be sure it’s resistant not only to shocks but also to the teeth. That’s right: so that they don’t try to silence it by munching on it.

Indoor chasers are normally made of plastic which is hard enough to peel nicked too easily. In any case, if you bought a not very resistant model, you may find it reduced into many pieces. 

In case you need an outdoor ultrasound, in addition to the robustness of the materials, you will also need to be certain it’s waterproof and weatherproof. You could also orient the choice towards the picket ultrasounds, even more, effective than traditional ones as, once implanted in the soil, they are able to propagate sound waves even in the ground, extending the range and removing not only pest and rats. , but also other annoying animals that live underground, such as moles.

Where To Put Ultrasound For Pest

To get the best results from ultrasound for pests, I have to place them in strategic points of your home or garden. First of all, remember that:

  • Ultrasounds cannot pass through solid surfaces such as furniture, curtains, or walls;
  • They are not used to catching pests, but simply to annoy them and persuade them to leave.

For these two reasons, not only will it not help you to put ultrasound in hidden places in the house, but it could even make them less effective by reducing the propagation of sound.

The best solution is to place the device in an open space, perhaps in the center of the room where you saw the rat den or some excrement that indicates its presence. In addition to the central device, you can buy speakers to be positioned in other rooms, so as to shield everywhere and to make the ultrasonic deterrent system even more effective.

Ultrasound For Pest: Contraindications

Research and Full review, show that ultrasound pest chasers do not present contraindications for the human being as our ear is not able to perceive the bands on which the ultrasounds travel. Dogs, cats, and birds won’t be bothered by the device either unless you choose an outdoor ultrasound device designed to ward off not only pests but cats as well.

But be careful if you have guinea pigs, rabbits, or other domestic rodents, all animals capable of perceiving the ultrasounds emitted by these devices; in this case, pay attention to where you place the mouse bollard and the speakers.


Here we are at the end of our buying guide. At this point, you will certainly have the clearest ideas about the use and effectiveness of ultrasound for pests.

Very simple and not dangerous at all, these devices will help you eliminate rats in a few weeks. Unlike other solutions, using the bollards you can avoid creating damage to pets. Ultrasounds are also robust and durable devices at a very low price.

For all of these reasons, we believe them to be an effective, reliable, and affordable solution that you absolutely must try, especially if you don’t want to harm pests, but still want to get them out of your property.

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