The Best Gaming Phones to Look Out for in 2023

The world of gaming has never been more popular than it is currently. This is because the quality of games is better than it has ever been, there is a massive variety of games out there that people can choose from and also how people can get into gaming are also more varied than ever. People used to have to go to arcades and buy expensive consoles to get involved in gaming, but this is no longer the case. Instead, these days, people don’t have to look further than what’s in their pocket, thanks to the increased popularity of mobile gaming. 

Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular? 

There are several different reasons why mobile gaming has become so popular in recent years. These include: 

  • Variety of Games: Mobile games used to be limited to 2D straightforward games that were good to occupy the mind but not necessarily something people got invested in. These days, people can tap a screen a few times and then have access to shooters, adventure titles, and even the best Australian online casino sites out there. 
  • Cheaper Cost: When you are buying a game on your computer or console, there is usually a fairly hefty price tag attached to it. This isn’t the case with mobile games, as people can play for free and then be exposed to ads, which are how the games make their money
  • Easy to Play: Mobile games used to be quite hard to play given the controls are harder to get used to than those on consoles. However, thanks to the advancements made in the phones we use to play such games, this is no longer as much of an issue. 

What Are the Best Gaming Phones? 

The best gaming phone is going to vary depending on what you play and what your budget is. That being said, some of the notoriously best models out there include but are not limited to the following: 

  • Asus ROG Phone 6D: This is one of the more expensive models out there but you see the value for money as soon as you start playing. There is an excellent display, loudspeakers built in, and the processing power means games run smoothly. 
  • Black Shark 5 Pro: All issues with potential controls are thrown out the window with this model given it has retractable triggers built in which makes playing games a lot easier. Not only this, but the overall performance of the phone is fantastic. There are a couple of downsides in that the phone gets quite hot when you play on it for a while and the battery life leads to something to be desired. 
  • Nubia Red Magic 7: The Nubia Red Magic 7 is an excellent phone if you want powerful processing and a great screen. Again, like the other models in this list, there are a couple of downsides, these include the reasonably bulky design and the lagging battery life. 

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