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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This: The Different Types of Canopy Beds, Explained

Did you know that the average bedroom remodels cost around $4,000? The cost includes lights, wall paint, and flooring. Replacing furniture like cabinets and beds also affects the remodeling costs.

Canopy beds are one of the top choices in choosing the perfect bedframes. These beds can conserve warmth and offer privacy. The layers of fabric also double as protection from sunlight on bright mornings.

Having a canopy bed gives that timeless and elegant look to any bedroom. Keep reading and learn more about the types of canopy beds. Get tips on how to choose the best for you and your bedroom.

Types of Canopy Beds

Canopy beds come in various designs that can cater to your taste. These beds can elevate the bedroom with their dreamlike designs.

The types of canopy beds include the four-poster frame. This classic design features four posts that you can drape with curtains. Four-poster canopy beds give you more options for design and room decor.

Another type of canopy bed is the French favorite Duchess bed. This type features a canopy suspended from the ceiling. These tester beds have curtains on the top, back, and sides.

Half tester canopy beds suspend the canopy from the headboard or the wall. This type has two posts that extend to about one-third of the bed. Its function includes keeping the head warm and free from cold air.

Crown beds have curtains suspended at the head of the bed and extend down to the corners. The curtains add a touch of elegance to the bedroom.

Benefits of a Canopy Bed

Do you often search “how to choose a canopy bed?” The answer is to know the benefits it gives and determine what your needs are.

In the US, the average winter temperature is 33.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Canopy beds can regulate the temperature and make winter nights warmer. The curtains help keep the warmth while also blocking sunlight.

Some benefits of canopy beds include the plenty of style options you can choose. You can select the type and color of fabric to use for the draping. Add tassels and matching linens to boost your room aesthetics.

Canopy Material

You can choose between wooden vs metal canopy beds. Modern canopy beds incorporate both materials. When selecting what material to get, consider the durability and budget.

Wooden canopy beds are heavy and sturdy. The wood’s finish can add to the look and design of the bed. If you want long-lasting bedroom furniture, choose a wooden canopy bed.

Metal canopy beds are more affordable options. This material is lighter and needs less maintenance. It’s the best choice for rooms with a more modern style.

Canopy beds come in different sizes too!

A queen size bed canopy gives enough space for two people. King size beds provide extra space for taller people.

Choose the Best Canopy Bed

These are the types of canopy beds you can get for your bedroom. Use this guide to find the best canopy bed for you and your home.

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