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Stay Cool: 9 Common AC Problems and Solutions

As of 2019, 87% of American homes used an air conditioner. About 75% of those air conditioners were central units. Despite the majority of U.S. homes having air conditioners, only about 43% of homeowners get yearly maintenance checks.

Many common AC problems can arise if you don’t take care of your HVAC system. This guide will discuss many of them and some solutions to get your AC back up and running. Keep reading to learn more.

1. A Leaking Unit

Water leaking around your AC unit is never a good sign. This could be the result of an issue with the condensate drain.

It can get clogged up with fungi causing the water to back up. A leak could also be caused by a broken condensate pump.

Fixing a leak has a simple solution. If you have an issue with the condensate drain, you simply have to unclog it with a vacuum. You can get rid of the fungi issue by pouring vinegar into the drain line.

2. An AC That Won’t Stop Running

Other common AC issues include an air conditioner that won’t stop running. An AC will run a longer cycle when the weather starts to get hot, but it should still turn off. If your AC doesn’t, your unit might break down, and your energy bill will rise.

The best solution is to turn off the thermostat to give your unit a break. When you turn your AC back on, you should increase the temperature by a few degrees so it won’t have to work so hard to cool your home.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, you should consider calling a trained HVAC technician.

3. A Dirty Filter

A dirty air conditioning filter is one of the most common problems for an HVAC system. Letting your air filter get too clogged with dirt can reduce airflow and will make it harder for your AC to properly cool your home.

Since a dirty filter makes your air conditioner work harder to do its job, it can cause some severe damage in the long run.

You should change your filter every three months. If you do any type of construction work or have pets that shed a lot, you should change your filter more often.

4. An Air Conditioner That Won’t Turn On

Next on the list of common AC problems and solutions is an air conditioner that won’t turn on. If you notice the air conditioner hasn’t turned on in a few hours, you should try lowering the temperature a few degrees.

If your AC won’t turn on after that, you might have a problem with the wiring or other wear and tear on your HVAC system. You should call a technician from AC repair Las Vegas who can determine the right cause of the issue and fix it right away.

5. A Unit With a Malfunctioning Thermostat

A faulty thermostat is often the cause of issues with your HVAC system. The issue might be simple like dead batteries. In this case, you just have to change out the batteries to get your air conditioner back up and running.

Loose wires inside your thermostat might also be causing problems with your air conditioner. In this case, you’d need to contact a technician.

If a buildup of dust is causing problems, you should remove the thermostat cover and clean the area with a small brush.

6. An AC Blowing Out Warm Air

Other common AC unit problems include an air conditioner blowing warm air through the vents. Hot air is often linked to low levels of refrigerant. Adding refrigerant to your unit will solve this issue.

Debris in your air ducts can also cause the compressor in your unit to overheat and blow hot air. Schedule a professional air duct cleaning to resolve this issue.

If your AC is running, but no air is coming out of it, you might be dealing with a damaged blower belt that needs replacing.

7. An Air Conditioner Making Strange Noises

While your air conditioner should make some sound when powering on and off, certain noises indicate a bigger issue with your system.

If you hear a grinding noise coming from your unit, you might have some kind of motor fail. A clicking sound often means you have something stuck in the AC fan.

If you notice these noises coming from your unit, contact an air conditioning repair company right away. They can help you determine the issue with your unit and make the necessary repairs.

8. An AC That’s Short Cycling

One of the most common problems with AC units includes a short cycling issue. Short cycling occurs when your unit doesn’t complete a full cycle and instead turns on and off over and over again.

If you don’t address this issue as soon as you notice it, your unit’s compressor might get damaged. Short cycling is most often caused by dirty air filters or an uncalibrated thermostat.

Contacting an HVAC technician is your best way to determine the cause of this issue and the best solution.

9. An Air Conditioner Blowing Out a Foul Smell

A stuffy smell coming from your AC vents is likely the result of mold buildup. The smell of burning can be caused by electrical issues in your unit. The smell of gas can result from a fluid leak.

Call a technician for any leaking or electrical issues as these can be dangerous to address on your own.

Common AC Problems You May Encounter

There are many common AC problems you may face as a homeowner. A dirty filter causing reduced airflow is simple enough to replace. If your AC is making weird sounds, you should contact an HVAC technician right away.

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