Every year, millions of people travel from one place to another. Some travel for work, some travel for fun, some travel for adventure, while some travel to relax. Every individual has his or her own reason to travel. Certainly, dealing in the hospitality sector is never easy. It is a highly active and dynamic industry that has to cater to a multitude of needs at the same time. 

The Southeast Asian region is an extremely popular destination for tourists. People from various countries travel to this region every year. The region is home to countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and many more. All these countries offer a safe, peaceful, and exotic experience to tourists. Keeping in mind the diversity of travelers, there are a number of hotels, restaurants, adventure sports, etc. Such a diverse range of options ensures that the region can accommodate all sorts of travelers with different needs & budgets. 

Cambodia is a country with a rich natural heritage. Also, it has some magnificent architectural landscapes in the form of monuments, gardens, modern infrastructure, etc. In recent times, it has become a tourist hotspot. Cambodia is not only affordable, but also it is extremely beautiful and offers a relaxing experience to all the tourists. The capital city of Phnom Penh is a must-visit. It has a number of tourist destinations, and it offers the best-staying experience in Cambodia. Phnom Penh hotels offer modern-day services and display exemplary hospitality. The Baitong Hotel & Resort is the best hotel in Phnom Penh that offers a naturally placed luxurious stay. 

About Baitong Hotel

Baitong Hotel & Resort is located in the BKK1 district of Phnom Penh. BKK1 is considered to be the most active and busy district of Phnom Penh. Due to a large number of visitors on a daily basis, it becomes the ideal location for hotels. Baitong has been built with all the modern infrastructure & facilities, but simultaneously, it has a natural element too. Rough stone, metallic finishes, woody, and leather touches have all been applied to give the hotel a natural touch. It offers some of the best amenities in the form of a spa, pool, jacuzzi, gym, etc. The hotel has a good guest holding capacity with more than 100 rooms. It offers multiple dining options and some top-notch modern-day amenities. The hotel even has dedicated, medium to large capacity halls for the purpose of holding seminars, conferences, etc. 

Baitong’s Rooms

The hotel has a total of 105 rooms across 10 different categories for its guests. Thus, it can hold more than 200 guests at full capacity. The hotel even offers suite rooms that are extremely spacious and extravagantly luxurious. The hotel offers rooms with a city/pool/garden view. Following are the room categories at Baitong:

  1. Standard Room
  2. Superior City View
  3. Deluxe City View
  4. Superior Pool View
  5. Deluxe Pool View
  6. Superior Garden Terrace
  7. Deluxe Garden Terrace
  8. Superior Plunge Pool
  9. Deluxe Plunge Pool
  10. Suite Room

All these rooms offer facilities like smart TVs, wifi, luxury interiors, work station, etc. The room size varies from 28 sqm to 54 sqm. 

Dining & Recreational Activities

From Asian to Western cuisines, from mouth-watering seafood to some refreshing drinks, you can find everything at Baitong. Baitong has 3 dining options- Breakfast Buffet, the Lantern Bar and Kuang Seafood. The bar even hosts numerous events like DJ nights, jazz nights, etc. 

The hotel offers some best-in-class recreational activities as well. These include glass-bottomed pools, forest jacuzzi, spa services and gym. 

Baitong is the best in class and is definitely worth staying if you are planning a trip to Cambodia.

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