Somac® G4 Blue Filling Adapter: A giant leap in filling for vehicle systems

Dürr’s Final Assembly Systems in India manufactures Somac® G4 Blue Filling Adapter. They are ergonomic, efficient and maintenance-friendly. The filling adapter is the future of filling for vehicle systems. It is the core of any filling station and has a notable impact on the processing time and filling quality, especially for vacuum-pressure filling. Its highest wearing potential is the filling station component. The 4th generation of Somac® filling adapters has set new benchmarks in ergonomics, efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

 Here’re some of its advantages:

  1. Up to 20% faster
  2. 20% lighter on average
  3. Sets new standard for ergonomics
  4. Encapsulated electronic modules
  5. Easier maintenance


Dürr’sAutomotive Final Assembly in India supply G4 Blue handles that have set new standards for ergonomics. Without the adapters, the vehicle system cannot be connected to the filling stations. The physical pain on the operator’s hand can be reduced by minimal weight and ergonomic handle position of the filling adapter, allowing the operator to operate the equipment with one hand. Two interchangeable variants are available to suit the operator’s requirements when they have connected the vehicle system. In addition, rounded edges, new materials and an oval handle shape can refine the handling significantly.


The organization Dürr has created a pioneering design that boasts maximum functionality and minimal weight. By integrating state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and new materials, the G4 Blue Adapter from Dürr, Somac, is up to 20% faster due to its enhanced fluid flow geometry. For exceptional fluid flow rates during evacuation and filling, special valves are used. Moreover, the adapters have been specially designed to adjust to each vehicle container to provide the operator with optimum flexibility.


Due to its clamshell handles, digital maintenance solutions, durability, and components that can be easily replaced, the G4 Blue Adapter’s is easier to maintain and use. Furthermore, its humidity-proof electronic components and cable connections are highly robust. The G4 Blue filling adapter’s integrated electronics ensure that the stored data is readable and saved for further processing.The G4 Blue Access Software incorporated in delivery permits remote monitoring for all connected adapters via the filling station network.

Its functions are:

  • – Firmware upload
  • – Testing and fault detection
  • – Visualization of factory settings
  • – Visualization of configuration and calibration data

G4 Blue Advanced Software

The G4 Blue Advanced Software assists the maintenance team during logging maintenance data and sensor calibration and allows them to reset the process cycle counter. This conveys that the sensors can be calibrated very precisely and individually from the filling station. Calibration work and maintenance can be easily registered in the adapter control system with a date and signature. The 4th generation of Somac® filling adapters is accessible for all filling media.


The explosion-proof G4 Blue windscreen washer adapter has fully integrated conductivity and comprises a handle system and protection hose. The choice for plug-in versions and the modular structure of the clamping mechanism allows applications for all container openings.

To provide a single adapter for two refrigerants, the G4 Blue Twin A/C Adapter gives optimum flexibility during the transitional period from R134a to R1234y. The Twin A/C coupling ensures an accurate filling with the correct refrigerant. Depending on the vehicle design, the adapter can be fitted with a 0° or 90° angled coupling and extension.

The modular adapter clamping mechanism applies nearly all container connection geometries for coolant, power steering systems or a brake. Numerous liquid levels in the vehicle container can be adjusted using the stepless height-adjustable nozzle. An integrated distance measuring system observes the positioning reliably.

High safety standards are required to intercept the G4 Blue filling adapter from leaking during the filling process or unclamping, as the filling pressure can reach up to 100 bar when using the R744. Therefore, the pneumatic coupling has a patented clamping mechanism that utilizes the medium filling pressure to ensure a reliable, safe connection to the vehicle system until the filling process is completed.

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