Significant Trends in The Art Industry

It is well known that art evolves along with our society. This is why the market has evolved a lot in recent years. This article presents you 5 trends to know that will become essential things in the art market in the next years. 

More virtual art exhibitions

Digital technology is becoming more and more important in the art market, a trend that the Covid-19 pandemic has also accentuated. Many museums and galleries have turned to a digital platform to offer an art experience to people. A trend that should continue in the future, many museums have already made an almost complete transition in 2021. Experiences that are also quite appreciated by people who can enjoy art experiences in the comfort of their homes. A possibility also offers the opportunity for galleries to open up to people from all over the world thanks to the simplicity of access via the internet. 

The number of buyers is increasing

Democratization by the digital is also beneficial for the economy of the art market. In particular, the more straightforward access to works of art from all over the world often gives them much more visibility than in a simple salesroom or exhibition. The result is that the market is always running at full speed as the internet never stops. It also opens up access to more people who wouldn’t see themselves buying art in galleries without this internet access.

Digital art

A trend that can’t be avoided in the last few years is the digital art trend. More particularly, the NFTs which know an extraordinary growth in the field. A market that offers infinite possibilities like selling Nyan cat or the first tweet in history. Everything also tells us that this market will grow, especially with democratization in the coming years of metaverses. Digital universes will allow everyone to expose their new digital acquisitions online to people around the world. A field also appreciates creating artistic products of all kinds that it is printed or embroidered clothing.

More and more green

Art evolves with the times, and ecological awareness is now more and more part of our present. That’s why ecological gestures are multiplying in the art to reduce its carbon footprint or raise awareness. Andrew Stramentov for example created the Rockbox boxes built with light and recyclable materials, each box being usable hundreds of times. “We’re trying to make the art world more sophisticated, less heavy, cheaper, and easier – it’s ripe for adding a little bit of sanity,” said Stramentov.

Hypebeats will roar louder

With the market opening up more and more to different demographics and collaborations, certain areas are becoming increasingly important. In particular, the articles related to streetwear are very appreciated by the many people who love urban culture. Products are also pushed by many brands and artists like Takashi Murakami, Supreme or Louis Vuitton. This is to target a population that loves fashion and is always looking for new pieces of all kinds with the effigy of their favorite brands. Once again, an art market with infinite possibilities has not finished developing. 

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