3 Tips on How to Maximize Your Android Phone

Technology has once again fascinated us with the creation of smartphones. They are indeed one of the most popular and useful gadgets that almost everyone uses. Multiple apps have been created to fit the fast-paced lifestyle we have because they aim for our convenience and satisfaction. 

Most smartphones run under Android, which is one of the most popular operating systems in the world. It is a bit challenging to navigate through because of its complexity, but its features do not disappoint. All you need to do is explore your android phone to reach the level of your liking. Stick around, and you might just discover how to productively use apps or maybe even how to block a website on Android

The Humble Beginnings 

In 1994, the Simon Personal Communicator or SPC was declared the World’s First Smartphone created by IBM. It featured touch screen technology, and it had a built-in address book and received both emails and faxes. But it was not until 2001 when smartphones started to connect to the internet. 

In October 2003 at Palo Alto California, Android Inc was established by Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Andy Rubin. The Android OS was supposed to be an operating system for digital cameras, but the rise of smartphones began then they decided to switch to them. After three years, Google acquired Android and started operating on third-party phone manufacturers and offering services under OS and apps. 

3 Ways to Maximize Your Android Phone

1. Explore Hidden Features

What sets a smartphone apart from each other are the features offered. Operating systems aim to cater to as many people’s daily technological needs as possible. As someone eyeing a new phone, it is your responsibility to research the apps and features that one will provide.

Smartphone stores and sellers just highlight general features and functions that will convince you to purchase one. Plus, wouldn’t it be a thrilling experience to discover new things on your phone by just digging into every app in your free time? Let this article give you a headstart on some Android hidden features. 

Android Has a Focus Mode

Whether you have a busy day ahead or you just want to go on a social media break, Android’s focus mode is the perfect feature for you. This feature will allow you to block apps of your choice to avoid distractions. All you have to do is go to Settings, click on Digital Wellbeing, then switch to Focus Mode. You do not have to worry about unblocking these apps because it is just as easy to reverse them. 

Block Spam Calls Before They Even Occur 

One of the first features you can activate is the filter spam calls. Sudden calls from random phone numbers can get annoying, and this feature will save you from unwanted spam and scam calls. You just have to download the Phone app by Google then follow these easy steps, Settings > Caller ID and spam > Enable. Whenever you receive a random call, your phone won’t make any buzz. 

Use Multiple Apps Simultaneously 

One of Android’s latest features is the Multi-Window which allows you to use two apps at the same time in different windows. All you have to do is to activate the “force activities to be resizable” through the activate developer option. This feature will be a huge help, especially with multitasking at work. Not all apps will function with this feature, but it is still worth the shot. 

2. Do Some App Decluttering

It might seem ironic, but deleting apps that you do not need can help you maximize your android phone use. Decluttering apps can help you focus more on exploring the necessary apps, especially the one that helps you in your daily work and personal life agendas. 

We need to know what apps contribute to our life’s convenience, knowing that we can get busy with work or school. So get to deleting apps once in a while, during your free time. 

3. Customize and Design 

Android allows us to design our phones whichever way we want. Personalizing our Android phones can show our style and preference, as well as the opportunity to unleash our creative freedom. It will also motivate you to organize your apps and categorize them. Ready-made wallpapers are also provided once you purchase your phone, but you can turn any high-quality image into your lock screen and wallpaper. You can also explore app widgets that can blend in with your phone’s overall theme. 

You can use Android apps such as the Nova Launcher app which has various customization features like icons and transition effects. The Android navigation bar, which you can customize, is a unique and popular feature. The Navbar app allows you to change the colors and add images on your navigation bar to fully match your phone’s wallpaper and theme. 

Key Takeaway

You are incredibly fortunate to be existing at the same time as smartphones because it has proven to make lives easier and fun. Over the years, technology has added thousands of phone features that will almost do all the work for you. Android was able to contribute to technological innovation, especially in the form of smartphones. They continue to provide a variety of services to their continuously growing market. Do some research, personalize, and enjoy the perks of owning a smartphone. You can visit for more information. 

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