Satisfactory Android Apps for Watching Movies and TV Shows

The entertainment industry is growing very fastly all over the world. Movies and Tv shows are the main ideas of entertainment nowadays. People love watching movies with their family and friends during their free time. Buying CDs and then watching movies and tv shows are outdated. Online streaming for watching movies and tv shows is very prevalent nowadays. No one wants to miss their favorite movies and tv show. There is no need to worry anymore. Android gives you some marvelous free apps that will provide you with the facility to stream your favorites movies and drama on the go. There is no need to waste your time on different sites for finding your favorite movies and tv shows. Just download any of the following androids10’s most exciting apps as per your requirement and enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows.

Showbox App:

When we talk about apps for movie streaming, the show box is on top. The reason behind its popularity is because it is user-friendly. It offers the user some amazing features without charging anything. It provides you with some advanced features without charging anything. You can use showbiz alternatively of Netflix as it gives free audio-video content. It is the best app to go with if you want to watch movies, tv shows, and listen to music on the go.

Pros of downloading the Showbox App:

  • It does not require you to make an account and log in.
  • It does not disturb you through different ads.
  • Subtitles are available for your convenience.
  • The categorization of movies and tv shows as per genre, date, and type makes it easy to assess.
  • It provides you with the facility to download movies as well.

Sony Crackle App:

Another name on the list of apps that let you watch movies and tv shows online is Sony Crackle App. It is a product of Sony Entertainment. If you are a fan of the Sony movie or Sony’s drama, then this is the best platform for you. It facilitates you with an option to watch a variety of Sony Pictures dramas, and movies. You can watch the movie in offline mode after downloading it. It is a trusted platform from Sony and a must-try. Sony crackle app can easily be downloaded using Google store.

Pros of downloading the Sony Crackle App:

  • The movies and drama are loaded quickly.
  • Provide you with data storage.
  • Provide you with a free account.
  • Its UI is very user-friendly.

Snagfilms App:

In the variety of Apps, Snagfilms is another astounding app for watching movies and tv shows online. It does not just allow you to watch films, tv show, and documentaries but also allow you to share. The most wondrous feature of Snagfilms is that it let you sync it on all your android devices.

Pros of downloading Snagfilms App:

  • Snagfilms is a very user-friendly application.
  • It allows in-app sharing for Facebook and Twitter.
  • For easy access, the search is divided into genre, type, and horror, etc.

Tubi tv is another app that comes on the list when we talk about apps that enable us to stream movies and tv shows and descriptions of these shows. Description words can be count by a character counter. The most attractive point of this app that makes it better than others is that it includes a movie collection that is not accessible elsewhere. TubiTv lets you enjoy a large variety of movies and tv shows without any subscription. It caters to content for everyone by offering comedy, drama, cartoons, and Korean dramas as well. You can download it easily from the Google store.

Pros of downloading the TubiTv App:

  • You can continue your movie or tv show on any other device having TubiTv.
  • A variety of movies and tv shows are available on TubiTv.
  • It does not consist of malware.
  • Allow high-quality streaming without any charges.

Terrarium TV App:

Terrarium Tv is also an app for watching movies and tv shows online, but it works differently. It hosts movie and tv shows on cloud services such as drives. It can work as an alternative to Showbox. You may face some issues while using this app. In that case, there is no need to worry as a solution, we recommend you use a VPN for better services. It became popular and loved because of its smooth UI. It comes under the category of none legal streaming apps. It has a library of 10000 plus movies and tv shows. You can download it using the google store or APK.

Pros of downloading the Terrarium TV App:

  • It enables you to download both in internal and external storage.
  • It gives you the option to bookmark movies you like.
  • It facilitates you with subtitles in multi-language.

Vudu App:

Another astonishing app for watching movies and tv shows online is Vudu. It provides you with audio-video content for free. It is a very suitable choice for Hd streaming. If your device supports Dolby Atmos, then Vudu’s sound quality will be crystal clear. You can easily access every feature of Vudu because of its clean and user-friendly interface.1000+ movies are available for free, and many others are obtainable for rent. You can find free audio-video content by clicking the new movies or movies on our button. You need to make an account to access movies and tv shows through the Vudu app. It has a large library that consists of 20000 plus movies and tv shows.

Pros of downloading the Vudu App:

  • For easy access, movies and tv shows are classified into genre, type, cartoons, and horror, etc.
  • No need to see long and dull ads, only quick ads are advertised.
  • The registration of the Vudu app is free.
  • Provide you with 1000 plus free movies and tv shows for streaming.

OneBox Hd App:

In the long list of apps for watching movies and tv shows, OneBox Hd is another app that has made its name on the top. It was not known before but now, is very popular among people. It is not a legal streaming app. It provides you with the newest audio-video content from big channels. It enables you to watch movies and tv shows free of cost. It does not require the problematical process of registration.

Pros of downloading OneBox Hd App:

  • You can watch movies and tv shows offline, after downloading them.
  • Newly released movies are added to the app in no time.
  • You can effortlessly access movies and tv shows through different filters.
  • The app is also supported by Pro Player.
  • The UI of the app is smooth and user-friendly.

UKMovNow App:

If you are in search of an app that facilitates you with the Bollywood movie collection, then UKMovNow App is the best option. The app has a very smooth user interface. It is the best app for android to watch a large variety of Bollywood movies online.

Pros of downloading UKMovNow 

  • UKMovNow is accessible for free.
  • Newly released movies are added to the app as soon as follows.
  • You can easily find your favorite movies with the help of different categories.
  • UKMovNow doesn’t charge you for anything.

Hubi App:

Hubi App helps you download your favorite movies and tv shows. It links you to the top streaming services. lets you stream and download movies and tv shows online without visiting each service web separately. It accommodates 35 plus services for downloading movies and tv shows. It cannot be downloaded through the Google store because it is not available there.

Pros of downloading the Hubi App:

  • It is easily accessible.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • You can watch movies and tv shows in offline mode.

MegaBox Hd App:

Another amazing app for watching movies and tv dramas online is MegaBox Hd. It is downloaded because of its user-friendly interface. It is not fully free but offers many features without any charges. The app cannot be downloaded through the Google store. If you want to use this app download it APK and have fun.

Pros of downloading MegaBox Hd App:

  • It keeps you safe from those boring ads.
  • It facilitates yours with subtitles.
  • You can watch movies offline mode after downloading them.

If you are a big fan of movies and tv shows, then you are in the right place. Above are listed androids 10 most exciting apps to watch movies and tv shows. These apps will help you watch and download your favorite movies and tv shows with some simple clicks. What are you waiting for? Go download any of these amazing android apps on your android phone and enjoy your day.

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