How Do you Get Dried Dog Urine out of Hardwood Floors?

Removing dog urine soaked in hardwood floors is a laborious task. A variety of questions are asked about how to remove dog urine soaked in hardwood floors. We will provide you complete information about this.

Pet urine from a dog can cause stains and damage to hardwood floors, so you need to take measures to get it off as quickly as possible. If you have also had playing animals in your pet home, especially puppies, you can expect to find places where dog urine soaks into your hardwood floors. So, how do you remove dark urine stains?

How to remove Dried Dog Urine from hardwood floors

There are several home remedies to remove dark urine stains and odors caused by dogs and cats from your floor. You can use hydrogen peroxide, vinegar solution, baking soda, or even pet stain removal products. This is also an easy solution, most of these options will get rid of blemishes as well as bad odor. You can also use it for yourself with carpet.

Wipe off Dog Urine and Dirt with a Cloth.

To get rid of any solid and liquid dog dirt on your floor, you can wipe it off with a clean cloth while your dog does the dirt on it, so that it doesn’t leave a deep stain. If the dog has soaked the carpet and area rugs, take them outside for aeration. This will help to get a clear view of the dog’s urine soaked areas for the healing process.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to Urine Stains

Applying hydrogen peroxide directly to an area stained with dog urine can help remove its odor and stain more easily. Magic Carpet Cleaning  In this you apply or spray some of the 3% hydrogen peroxide. Soak a clean cloth in hydrogen peroxide, then use it to cover the hydrogen peroxide and leave it on for a while. For dark-soaked urine stains, you may need to repeat the step above to get rid of dog urine stains and odors on your floor.

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Mop the Floor as usual

If you clean your floor daily as usual, then the stains may not stay on it for long. If there is dirt on it, Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning  you can clean it with a cloth dampened with clean water, but do not rub it. Just use it like a dab or smear.

Useful Method for Removing Dry Dog ​​and Cat Urine Stains –

  • Use 80 to 100 grit sandpaper to sand down the finish. This allows the stain to be removed without going deep.
  • You can also do bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. You sprinkle a small amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and when it stops foaming. Use a sponge to rub into the urine stain to clean it up.
  • Try a stronger bleach, such as a chlorine solution or a solution of oxalic acid. You let it stay for 5 minutes.
  • Removing stains from hardwood floors is a difficult cleaning task that requires you to be careful to remove any stains.

This is how you can clean dried dog urine out of hardwood floors.

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