8 Rolex Ladies Watch That Will Draw Everyone’s Attention

You can never go astray with Rolex watches, whether you want to surprise the woman in your life with the right timepiece or you’re shopping for your next luxury watch. Rolex watches have been admired by watch collectors for over a century because of their complex designs and highly accurate timepieces. The following models of Rolex watches for women will help you choose the perfect timepiece for your next purchase.

Rolex watches are the ideal timepieces for career women, from their classic looks to their strong casings and opulent image. Being one of the most desirable brands on the market, it can be worn everywhere, in any style. Lydia Ko and Lara Gut-Behrami are world-class athletes that rely on their Rolexes to keep them on track during contests. A-listers like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian are known for their huge Rolex collections, which range from sophisticated timepieces to rugged models that are normally designated for men.

1. Rolex Submariner Date 16610

Rolex Submariner Date 16610

Don’t be put off by the 40 mm case size of this Rolex. Submariners are being worn by more women, including Queen Latifah and Ellen DeGeneres. The Submariner set the benchmark for diving timepieces back in 1953, and the current edition keeps loyal to the original design while being able to endure greater depths. For added timed versatility, this Submariner ref 16610 features an easy-to-grip 60-minute countdown bezel, luminous hour markings, and an enlarged date window. Look no further than the Submariner for a Rolex that blends style and power.

2. Rolex Day-Date 18038

Rolex Day-Date 18038

This limited-edition Rolex Day-Date with a Birch dial is a must-have for watch collectors. The Rolex crown, golden hour markers, and hands contrast spectacularly against the burled birch dial. The day and date windows on the dial are accented in 18kt yellow gold, and the 36 mm case and yellow gold bracelet can easily improve any ensemble.

Former US President Lyndon B. Johnson is said to have been the first Commander-in-Chief to wear the iconic gold Day-Date on his wrist publicly. Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon all followed in his footsteps and were reported to own or wear the legendary Rolex, garnering it the title of “President’s Watch.” The Day-Date ref. 18038, shown here in 18kt yellow gold, emanates strength and elegance and is the ultimate status timepiece. Many pre-owned Rolex collectors seek to put at least one to their collections, and the model you see here today is a fantastic way to do so without charging high prices.

3. Rolex Lady-Datejust 79163

Rolex Ladies Watch

The Datejust is the only Rolex model that has stood the test of time. With a dainty case size of 26 mm, the Lady-Datejust debuted in 1957 as the counterpart of the renowned Datejust line. The date is shown beneath a cyclops lens that enhances the date 2.5 times, making it simple to see on this classic Rolex model ref 79163. This Lady-Datejust will thrill any admirer of traditional styles with its unobtrusive minute track, golden Roman numeral hour markers and hands, unusual pyramid patterned dial, and 18kt stainless steel and yellow gold materials.

4. Rolex Pearlmaster 80298

Rolex Pearlmaster 80298

Rolex’s Pearlmaster is a must-have for glamorists. Rolex’s gemologists hand-selected the diamonds in this stunning Pearlmaster ref 80298 for excellent quality and standard. This Pearlmaster’s sophisticated elegance will enchant any watch aficionado, from the iridescent mother-of-pearl dial and gold-trimmed diamond hour markers to the diamond-accented bezel.

5. Rolex Daytona 116508

Rolex Daytona 116508

The Daytona is unquestionably one of Rolex’s most prized models. The Daytona of actor Paul Newman sold for a ground-breaking $17.8 million at auction in 2017, sparking a surge in Daytona variants. A black dial with gold-trimmed subdials and diamond hour markers complements this dramatic yellow gold Daytona. The Daytona has a tachymeter and a chronograph, making it one of Rolex’s most sophisticated models. This yellow gold Daytona will undoubtedly become the jewel in any Rolex collector’s crown.

6. Rolex Lady-Datejust 179161

Rolex Lady-Datejust 179161

Another model of Rolex Lady-Datejust with elegant and exemplary characteristics with Everose gold and stainless steel materials. The slender 26 mm case houses the caliber 2235 automatic movement and displays the concentric circle silver dial, fixed bezel, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It also features a solid 18k Everose gold oyster bracelet with EasyLink 5mm comfort extension link on the folding Oysterclasp deployment buckle.

7. Rolex Lady-Datejust 6917

Rolex Lady-Datejust 6917

The Rolex 6917 is a stunning gold edition that is ageless and appropriate for any event. It has a lovely champagne face with a honeycomb bracelet, an acrylic crystal over the dial, and an older-style case, and luminous plots in a magnificent patina, as befitting a vintage Rolex. This edition is timeless and fashionable, and it will appeal to collectors of all ages, lifestyles, and wallets.

8. Rolex Yacht-Master 169622

Rolex Yacht-Master 169622

The only series with models particularly made for women is the sports chronograph line. The versions have 100-meter waterproof Oyster casings and were first produced in 1990. They also have dials with a date window at the company’s distinctive three o’clock position, as well as bidirectional rotating time watch bezels that have now graduated to 60 minutes.

The ref 169622 is a modern model with a similar profile to the men’s version but a case size of 29 mm that is considerably more suitable for a woman’s wrist. The Rolesium finish is both beautiful and durable, and it goes nicely with the platinum dial. A sand-blasted platinum bezel with polished and raised graduations, substantially tapered lugs, and a sleek Oyster bracelet all contribute to the Yacht-heightened Master’s design. The Rolex 169622 is the ideal watch for any woman’s wrist since it is both practical and fashionable.

Final Thoughts

Following the purchase of your ideal watch, it is important to remember that the timepiece requires adequate upkeep and management to function properly. As a responsible user, you should understand how to maintain the watch to preserve its unique features. Bearing in mind that accumulated dirt will have a severe effect on certain of your watch’s parts, having a negative impact over time. Always double-check that the case of your timepiece is securely closed before cleaning it.

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