Reasons You Should Choose a Flexible Sandal for Your Kids

Considerably free activity in the park and outside area is usual and essential for your kid’s overall growth. In addition, that’s just what shows us the significance of the right pair of footwear for them. Between the age of 6 to 12, the joints, muscles, and ligaments of a kid’s feet begin to develop appropriately and they attain the angles of the feet. This growth, mixed with their requirement for free motion, makes it crucial to consider flexibility when selecting sandals for kids.

At present, there are two key factors that influence the elasticity of kids’ sandals– the overall structure and its fitting. Opting for sandals that are created of completely soft material is the main thing. They give enough space for the structure to grow without prohibiting the movement. A soft and comfortable sole composed of an adjustable rubber and is able to bend wholly is regarded as the best for your children. The soles of rubber should be sufficiently thick to give huge support, but more flexible to let the smooth, and easy movement of your kid’s feet.

What to Look for When Buying Kids’ Sandals?

Here are a few important things to check while buying flexible sandals for kids:

1. When your kid’s foot is inclined, the sole should also incline with the foot and the heel should meet the foot’s heel.

2. The base of the sandal should lean all over and not only around the toe.

3. The material of the upper side should be cushioned. In preference, it must be fabric, thus, it may bend and expand with the foot.

4. The quality makes a big difference in kids’ sandals. Shopping for a high-quality pair is always more helpful for your child’s feet health than looking for different low-quality sandals that are not supportive enough.

5. Even if barefoot is still considered good for growing feet, it’s not realistic in the urban surroundings we reside in. Kids will readily develop a bend as their feet muscles grow. This signifies that they don’t need arch support. Also, it is somewhat normal for kids to have a flat foot in their initial walking years.

The base that their small feet require in a sandal is via ankle and heel support. An encased heel on a kid’s sandal must be thick, but not crinkled so that when cramped together, both sides should not meet.

Since their small feet are naturally more curved and broader, so should their footwear. Going with a style that has a circular and higher front to let the sandal toes area will make sure that their feet are not packed.

Remember Not All Sandals Are Same

In case your small child is taking their initial steps, needing their early pair of school footwear, or just have outgrown their previous pair, it can appear a little breathtaking attempting to ensure you have got the right pair for their tiny feet.

Notably, not all footwear will give the needed support and flexibility for the growing feet of your child. There are some most significant things that supportive kids’ sandals should have.

It is suggested to do an expert size review of your child’s feet because you buy kids sandals online and kids’ feet always remain in a growing stage. You should keep changing your kid’s footwear quite fast in the initial years as that is the time when most of the growth occurs. Sandals that come to be very tight might affect your kid’s foot development and stay responsible for the developmental sufferings. So, it is best for children to walk all over, run, jump, and attempt various movements naturally in their sandals for some time and assure their walking looks genuine and not pushed.


As parents when you search for the best kid’s sandals, it is important to choose footwear that would not only help with the foot structure but also safeguard them from damage, cold, or hot temperature. So, if you are in love with those soft and cute feet, then different varieties of sandals at Ipanema will be helpful for you. On the other hand, getting the right material, structure, and size of your child’s sandal is a necessary step in your child’s growth in the development years.


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