Reasons Why The Green Burial Is A Vital Choice For You

See below, the article is about green burial and the important steps that go into it. This topic is hot for a lot of reasons so, in this article, I am going to talk about 7 reasons why green burial is a viable option for you as an individual.

 Reasons Why the Green Burial Is Vital For You

1. The environmental benefits of green burial are immense.

One of the biggest benefits of green burial is the environmental impact it has. According to the EPA, embalming and casket manufacturing use over one million gallons of water each year. This process emits carbon dioxide, which contributes to climate change. With green burial, these emissions are eliminated altogether.

2. Green burial preserves your body in a natural way.

Many people believe that it is important to preserve their body in an as natural way as possible after death. This includes keeping the body intact and allowing it to decompose naturally. Embalming and casket manufacturing can damage the body, which defeats the purpose of green burial.

3. It is a more affordable option than traditional burial methods.

One of the main reasons people choose green burial is because it is a more affordable option than traditional burial methods. If you opt for traditional burial, you will need to purchase an expensive grave marker and grave site. With green burial, there are no upfront costs required. You will simply pay for the funeral services when they are rendered.

The 7 Benefits of a Green Burial

1. The environment is vital to our health and ecology.

2. Burial practices are responsible for releasing pollutants into the air and soil.

3. Green burial methods reduce environmental waste.

4. The use of natural materials creates less stress on the earth’s resources.

5. Proper disposal of cremated remains results in minimal pollution to waterways and the planet’s ecosystem. 

6. Our communal biology is intimately connected to nature and the environment around us- burial practices reflect this connection. 

7. Mortuary science has long been rooted in traditional cultural values that promote conservation and sustainability

Pros and Cons of a Green Burial

If you are considering a green burial, you may be wondering what the benefits are. Here are some of the pros and cons of this burial option.

Pros of a green burial:

– Environmental impact: A green burial uses less resources than traditional burials, including land, water, and energy.

– Humanitarianism: Green burials help to reduce environmental waste and help to save endangered animals.

– Funeral affordability: Many green burial services offer affordable rates that make them accessible to everyone.

Cons of a green burial:

– Embalming: Some people feel that embalming changes the natural appearance of the body in a green burial.

– Germs: If the body is cremated, bacteria can still be released into the air. A green burial requires spores to be put into the body which is less sanitary than cremation.

What is Going to Happen To Your Body After Your Burial?

After you die, your body will undergo several stages of decomposition. The first stage is called mortification. During this stage, the body Os breakdown into muscle, fluid and bone. Mortification takes approximately four to seven days. 

The second stage is called autolysis. This stage happens after the mortification process has completed and the body starts to dry out. During autolysis, the skin decomposes and breaks down, releasing oils and sweat. This process can take up to three weeks. 

The final stage is called putrefaction. During putrefaction, the muscles break down into fatty tissue and lactic acid. This process can take up to four months or longer in some cases.

By choosing a green burial, you can help to speed up the decomposition process by avoiding contact with the earth. Instead, your body will be housed in an underground crypt or mausoleum. This way, it will remain insulated from the earth’s elements and hasten the natural decomposition process.

Guidelines for Choosing A Cemetery

When you are preparing to die, one of the most important decisions you will make is which cemetery to choose. There are a number of factors to consider when making this choice, and one of the most important is the environmental impact of the cemetery.

Some cemeteries have very high environmental impact. They can use a lot of resources, like land, water, and energy, to operate. These cemeteries may also create a lot of pollution.

Green burial is a way to reduce the environmental impact of your death. It involves cremating or burying your body in an eco-friendly manner. This means using natural materials like wood instead of plastic or metal. It also means avoiding chemical treatments that can damage the environment.

There are a number of green cemeteries that offer great environmental options for funeral ceremonies and burial plots. You should research which one is best for you and your family.

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