Pursuing Your Dreams: Turbo Charge Your Goals and Make Them a Reality

Only about 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions or goals achieve them. If so few people manage to achieve their short-term goals, it doesn’t bode well for those thinking about going after their long-term dreams.

How can you become one of the winners who beats the odds? Here are some key tips that will help you be successful in pursuing your dreams.

Expect Road Bumps

Fear of failure is one of the main inhibitors to success. People get lost in potential criticisms and cataclysms and end up in a state of inaction or are overly cautious. However, if you accept that your journey to make your dreams come true will come with unforeseen challenges that may at times even feel like failure, you will still take the necessary risks and embody the confidence that chasing your dreams requires.

If you are prepared for low moments, you can embrace them as learning lessons. In even the worst case scenarios, times of absolute failure can be a launching point for a rebranding of your original dream. Be open to listening to what your journey is telling you, and pivot as needed.

Pursuing Your Dreams Requires Support

Whether your dream has co-authors or exists only in your head, in order to make your goals a reality you will need your own support system. A helpful way of thinking about the types of support you’ll need takes inspiration from nature. Think of someone to be your sun, a person who inspires you to take bold actions.

Your water will be someone who helps you stretch yourself and remain flexible as your obstacles are hurled in your way. You will also need someone who makes you feel nurtured, a person who helps you care for yourself. This person is your cloud.

Lastly, you will need a connector, your wind. This is someone who helps you network and make new connections, opening opportunities and inviting fresh ideas.

Seek Wisdom from Others

Those who accomplish their dreams are often eager to share their strategies of success with others. Some even have experience leading others to victory, and have generated sets of strategies that have proven to work for the people they’ve supported. For the perfect example of this, read more here.

While everyone’s individual path to success looks different, becoming familiar with the stories and approaches of those who have already won the battle will help you find the best plan of action for pursuing your dreams.

Program Your Mind

We all have an imposter voice in our heads, one that can be an overly harsh critic. Our mindset is powerful, and giving a mic to this voice is likely to add a negative filter to your perspective. This can delay or even thwart your ability to make your dreams come true.

Luckily, we can train our mind to be on our side. One way to do this is to choose one or several mantras that you repeat to yourself both out loud and internally every day and every time your imposter starts whispering doubt in your ear. After doing this consistently, it will help you maintain positivity and motivation in even the darkest of times.

Change is the Only Certainty

As humans, we attempt to control as much as possible in our lives. We are reluctant to changes that we don’t choose. However, every aspect of our biology and that of the planet’s tells us that change is the only constant. In this very moment, for example, a plethora of changes are happening in your body.

Understanding and accepting this will help you be less rigid and adapt your goals to incontrolable changes. While the core of your dream should stay the same, recognizing that some amending is inevitable will keep you from getting stuck in a rut.

Make Your Goals a Reality

Pursuing you dreams will require you to stay motivated. Reach out to those in your support system when you are feeling down, and remember to expect the unexpected.

You will want to regularly reflect on the progress you have made towards achieving your goals, as well as how you as an individual are growing and changing throughout the process. By keeping these key tips in mind, you are sure to become one of the blissful few who make their dreams come true.

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