Do You Need Protein Shake Before or After Workout?

A heavy workout burns fats and sometimes your muscles as well. You need to have the perfect diet before and after your workout to grow your muscles. Those who do work out need proteins (through meals or protein shake) for growth and for repairing their muscles.

You can take proteins in your diet, or you can simply drink protein shakes to fulfill any protein deficiency in your body. With your gym workout, if you spend some time on Yoga, like Sakshi Malik yoga poses, then it will be beneficial for you.

Some nutrients recommend protein shakes before the workout while others recommend it to have a glass after the workout session. Whether you take it before the workout or after a workout, it is essential to build your muscles.

What is RDA for Protein Per Day?

RDA means recommended daily allowance. It is the amount of any nutrient that your body needs to avoid its deficiency. Moreover, this amount represents the requirement according to the weight of your body.

So, when it comes to Protein, the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is 0.8 grams per KG of your body weight. If you want to calculate this amount for the pounds then it is 0.36 grams per pound of your body weight.

Remember this amount is to avoid deficiency and not for the growth of muscles. According to research, those who do heavy workouts need double the amount to avoid deficiency and to grow their muscles and muscle recovery.

A person who has a bodyweight of 70KG needs 110 to 111 grams of protein on daily basis.

Remember that you don’t need to take this amount of protein in one meal. To get the best results, you can divide this amount into 3 or 4 meals after a 3 or 4 hours gap.

Protein Shakes and Powder

Taking protein shake is the best way to take enough amount of proteins that can help in muscles recovery and growth.

You can obtain the proteins from different types of products and every product has its own benefits. But remember that taking protein more than the required amount can be harmful to your body.

A protein powder that you use in the shake should be shaken well and you should know the type of protein powder as well.

1 scope of protein powder may have 25 to 30 grams of proteins. So when you are using it, you should count the number of proteins you are taking carefully so that you don’t exceed the recommended amount that is required for muscles recovery.

How to Include Proteins in Diet

Now the question is, do you need the proteins in a protein shake? Or is it better to include proteins in the meals?

Well, there is nothing better than taking the meals that have proteins in them. There are various organic foods that are rich in proteins so you should include these foods in your daily diet.

Some of the protein-rich foods are listed below:

With that, if you need to use the protein shake as well, you can have the shakes between your meals. Or you can take the protein shakes after your workout sessions as well. You can include protein snacks in your diet as well which is also a good way to avoid any protein deficiency.

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