Printing and Packaging Tips for Beginners

72% of American consumers say the packaging of a product influences their decision to buy. It’s easy to see how printing and packaging play a vital role in attracting customers. 

If you are new to the e-commerce world and never considered what your product’s packaging should look like, keep reading! We’ll offer you some packaging tips and printing tips so you can keep your products top of mind. 

Make Sure Your Packaging is On-Brand and Attractive

Your packaging should be part of your overall brand strategy. It’s how you get your customers excited to open your products. Use your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo to enhance the overall esthetic of your packaging. 

Your packaging should stand out from others on the shelf, so it draws attention. Design something people will talk about and want to share. Design something that looks good on the shelf but also photographs well. 

Design Your Packaging With Your Customers in Mind 

Your customers will be interacting with your packaging whenever they purchase something from you. Your packaging should leave a lasting impression and make the purchasing of your product a pleasant experience. 

Take a look at some of the boxes and bags you have interacted with in the past. What made some of them great? Did any particular packaging wow you in the past? Figure out why, and see if you can emulate that same feeling with your packaging. 

Include instructions, and leave enough space for important information on the outside of your packaging. If your customers use a product multiple times from the same package, make sure it has a reusable cap or a way for them to reseal it with ease. 

Create a Dieline

When you’ve thought about what your packaging will look like, it’s time to create a dieline. This packaging guide is a template; it shows the printer where the packaging should be cut or folded. 

The dieline should be on a separate layer from the rest of your design. Add DO NOT PRINT into the layer name, so the printer knows these layers are not meant to be printed at this stage. 

Pick the Right Materials 

You do not have to follow the pack when picking your packaging materials. Your brand’s printing and packaging are personal to you and your customer. If you’d prefer something other than cardboard and bubble wrap, take a look at what’s out there and make an informed decision. Perhaps your customers want something a little more eco-friendly; consider using recycled materials. 

Your items should be protected and follow any legal requirements no matter what you choose. Make sure your designs are sturdy and can withstand the shipping process. 

Properly Prepare for Printing

After designing your packaging, it’s time to prepare it for the printer! A solid printing guide is essential to ensure the overall quality of your print is high level. 

Prepare your designs in a PDF format, but ensure you can easily convert them into other formats as well if needed. Follow all the parameters your printer gives you and discuss any issues with them. 

Start Printing and Packaging Your Items Today!

Your brand’s printing and packaging is an essential step in gaining and attracting customers! We hope this packaging advice helps you take the step to gorgeous, eye-catching products. 

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