Preparing For a Product Launch Timeline

One of the key things to consider when planning a new product launch is a good product launch timeline. A product launch timeline is a date telling you what is going to happen with your new product within a specific time period.

It is a way of telling your potential customers how you will be reaching out to them and what the general plan is for the launch of your product. If you don’t have a product launch timeline, you are running around in circles.

Elements To A Great Product Launch Timeline 

If you are not sure where to begin, you can start by thinking about the most critical times of your product’s life cycle. That will help you determine the best times to make your product available and allow you to get the maximum benefit from your marketing efforts.

A product launch timeline will show your customers just what is going on with your new product and how it is expected to help your customer service representatives.

One of the most critical times for any product launching is during the testing and pre-launch period. During this time, you will be gathering data to help you understand the success of your product. This data will also help you make changes that will achieve better results. After the testing phase, your product launch timeline should include all of your post-launch activities. These include:

Post Launch Activities 

A product launch timeline must include post-launch activities. Your post-launch activities should include internal testing, product demonstration, and beta testing, marketing strategy, and public program support. As was mentioned during the introduction of this article, product testing is critical to your product’s success.

Without testing, it is impossible to know what your customers think of your product. Your marketing strategy will also involve the use of your product as well as your customer service team. Finally, your public program support team will be involved in helping your customer after the product launch.

Design And Concept

A product launch timeline should include the development of the product design and concept. Many products have started with a product concept that was developed internally and then was turned over to marketing.

Marketing typically makes the changes that are necessary to make the concept a success. The same concept applies after a product has been released.

The Launch Timeline Will Not Be Complete Without The Financial Estimates

This is an area where there can be significant differences between the expected budget and the final product costs. There can be fluctuations in forecasts because of unforecasted variables such as delays in manufacturing, shipping rates, and spending limits of some product suppliers.

Some launches require a significant investment from the company; therefore, they will add the product launch timeline to the list of their plans.


If you are a leader of your product launching team, you will be responsible for many of these activities. Try not to be too bureaucratic about it, because that is frequently mentioned negatively in mechanistic structure advantages and disadvantages.

Before launching a new product, you should prepare yourself for many aspects of the launch. You should create a playlist of activities to launch the product. The playlist should include everything from printing product brochures to the grand opening party.

Your playlist should include all of the activities necessary to launch a product. It should include activities that fit into the launch schedule. For example, it may require you to have certain product testing phases before the public can try the product.

By preparing for product launching, you will be able to maximize the number of people who can use the product and help you make more money off of launching your product.

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