Guidance to Learning and Practicing Spells

Spelling can be daunting for a child. Yes, it can be because of several aspects attached. First thing first, it is about the rules. Some of the words are easy. Especially the ones that are two or three lettered. However, the very thought of writing the correct spelling of bigger words is frustrating. But not always. Not when you are sure about the spells. Which letters go silent, how many syllables are there in a word, which letters make an impact on spellings, which doesn’t? All these constitute towards the right spelling. That is why it is pretty easy for those who take part in the spelling bee words contests. 

Here, in this article, we have mentioned several ways to learn to spell. Also, we have explained how one can practice. Let’s start with the learning. 

Part 1: Ways to Learn Spelling 

Among various methods of learning spellings, some are really famous. We have catered the best practices to learn spelling in this section of the article. 

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice 

List down the words which you want to learn. Learn as in memorize. Then, take a paper and write one word more than 20 times. That will help you recall the spelling easily. This method is used in modern learning. Interestingly, many people find it weird but other lot found it really helpful. Once that is done, write the word without looking at the spelling written before. This method will help you retain spellings in the conscious and subconscious mind. 

  1. Never Learn More than 3 Words Simultaneously 

Never opt for more than three words at a time. The combination of easy, medium, and hard words does justice. Learning the easy ones will not be a problem though. Getting the medium or hard ones in mind forever can be bothersome. For that, educationists have researched enough for the best outcome. According to them, learning three words and making sure you have gotten the hang of the previous ones will complete the first stage of learning. The second stage will be to add one or two more words to the list of 3. Remove the previously learned spells. After learning a new set of three words, check. Yes, check the previously learned spellings. That will keep you focused and confident about the speed and potential of learning. 

  1. Practice Spelling for Writing Tasks 

Other than just learning and memorizing, make sure you can recall the spelling at the time of writing. For that, all you have to do is to write the correct spelling in the form of a sentence. Yes, don’t just write the word. Instead, go with the flow. Write a sentence or paragraph. Use the word as if you are learning for the sake of getting better marks. 

  1. Use the Words in Communication 

How to prepare for spelling bee? When you have a goal in mind. Something larger to think about. Like going to a contest of any sort. You have to learn words according to the needs of the competition, right? What do you need to do? For that, you have to use words in the communication. It is so that the words are understood in many forms – written, mentally, spoken, and reading. We have to read more to speak better words. So yeah, that is another way of learning spells.

Part 2: How to Practice Spelling 

In the first part of this article, we learned how to learn to spell. Now, in this part, you will get to know one special kind of drill. The one which has worked successfully. 

Reverse Chaining of Letters 

This is the practice which you need to do in order to make sure you have practiced enough. However, if you ever find difficulty in finding the list of words or any other concern regarding spelling. Don’t worry. We have got your back. Visit to get the best practices ever. Okay, so going back to the first way of practicing spelling.

Step 1: Spell the word as a whole. Then, speak out the letter while writing it on paper. 

Step 2: Now, say the word. But writing all the letters except the last one. You must say the last letter though. This has to be written after leaving a line or space.

Step 3: In the third step, you follow the same step as mentioned in step 2. Instead of the last letter only, this time doesn’t write the last two letters. 

Step 4: Practice all the way till you are left with only one letter. 

Step 5: Fun starts from here. Go on the top. Read and spell out the word.  

Step 6: Fold the paper so that you are not able to see the whole spelling. Say out the words and add the last letter missing.

Step 7: Do the same step as step 6 until you have the whole spelling right in front. 

Step 8: Go back and check the word. 

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