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Hi! Boys and Girls, Have you ever dreamed of running a restaurant? If your answer is yes, you should definitely try out the big collection of Restaurant Games to practice in the virtual world first. You can open a restaurant as per your choice, like a café restaurant, a burger restaurant, a pizzeria, a candy shop or maybe even a Chinese Restaurant. Moreover, to help you manage the restaurant, you can also invite your favorite characters, which is the best part of these games. You get a scope to prove your management skills in these Play Food Serving Games by serving your customer’s delicious food as fast as possible. Just scroll through to find out some of the most popular Restaurant Games which are definitely going to fill you up with lots of excitement.

Papa’s Pizzeria:

When it comes to Play Food Serving Games, Papa’s Pizzeria just cannot stay behind in the backbench. You can play this Restaurant Game for free on your smartphone. The game revolves around the central theme that you are in charge of the pizzeria since Papa has spontaneously left town. It’s upon you to take orders, add pizza toppings, put them in the oven, and even cut the pizzas. Your aim is to make Papa Louier proud by working as fast as possible.

How to play?

Make delicious pizzas: You are gently introduced to the technique of making steamy delicious pizzas from the oven and also to the art of customer service while you play the Play Food Serving Game, Papa’s Pizzeria. Just take your first order and begin this wonderful game by adding the requested toppings. Then, you just need to move your pizza to the oven and cook it for the specified time. Then, slicing and serving your hungry customers before they get restless is the last thing you are left with to perform.

Managing time efficiently is the key: There will be more customers who will have more complex order requirements as the level progresses in this Restaurant Game. Therefore, this will definitely test your time management skills as to how you establish a balance between taking orders and making pizzas.

The most efficient way to play this Play Food Serving Game is to first take the orders that would require a longer cook time. Thus, with shorter waiting times, your customers will feel happy as you can also focus on preparing the next pizzas. Moreover, to receive attractive tips from customers, you need to be a professional multi-tasker.

You need to be inquisitive about your customers:  A book detailing the preferences of your returning customers is one of the coolest features of Papa’s Pizzeria. With this feature, whenever you unlock a new regular customer, you can check out their favorite types of pizzas.

Top features of Papa’s Pizzeria:

·        While Papa is away, you are in charge of running your Papa’s Pizzeria

·        Satisfy your customers by creating pizzas from scratch

·        You have the option to consider various timings, toppings and slicing patterns.

·        As more customers flow in, you need to shuffle with your responsibilities.

·        Finally, reap the rewards of baking perfect pizzas.

Café Panic:

If you are looking for a brilliant game of café management, Café Panic, one of the best Restaurant Games, would be the most suitable choice for you. This game revolves around the theme that within a popular coffee shop, you must become a successful barista. Your main aim is to keep the customers satisfied by managing the customer orders efficiently. Whenever a customer enters your shop, you must take their orders with complete attention, and you just cannot make the mistake of committing any error, as this would have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and thus your tip. Keep in mind that your customers might become impatient if you are unable to complete orders quickly.

As you build up your fame, or to be precise when you go up the level, your orders will become more challenging, but definitely, you will have more fun. Moreover, you can unlock new items to serve your customers with. Moreover, at certain higher levels, you can unlock new coffee shops around the world. Thus, trying your hand in managing a coffee shop will definitely provide you with lots of fun and check whether you really have the potential to become successful.

Top Features of the Play Food Serving Games Café Panic:

·        You have the option to play either as a male or a female character

·        Need to cross many levels, including many bonus levels

·        Enhanced character and staff

·        Good Opportunity to unlock more shops around the world

·        Hallmark of stamina system

·        Available in both android and iOS as well as a web browser

Key Takeaway:

With the Restaurant Game, evolving as addictive gameplay in the present generation, it becomes just impossible not to love it right from the very beginning. 

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