My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Games, Pictures and Coloring Pages

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic has developed a huge fan base in just two years since its debut on television. Many people are not aware that there are also games, pictures, and coloring pages available for fans of the show. This article will provide you with links to all of these different items so that you can enjoy them too!

My Little Pony Games

My Little Pony has been around since the 80s and has been a classic favorite to millions of kids who have enjoyed its colorful characters, humor, adventures, and lessons. In 2012 the show was rebooted as a modern cartoon aimed at children born after the 1990 – 2010 generation. 

The show is brightly colored with very few shadows or dark colors, appealing to younger audiences. Its colorful characters are often seen wearing a symbol on their flank, which represents their personalities. 

Princess Celestia is seen as a white unicorn with a long golden yellow mane and tail; she is intelligent and wise but uses her magic only when necessary. A Flurry Heart character also appears in season eight; she shares both heart and cutie marks with Pinkie Pie.

Fluttershy is a good friend to all the animals, and she can talk to them; she has some fear of loud noises and large crowds. She also has the power to communicate with birds, which leads her to save Angel’s life in one episode. 

Applejack is a hardworking Earth pony who lives on the Sweet Apple Acres farm with her grandmother Granny Smith, Big McIntosh, Cheerilee Lulamoon, among other characters. 

Pinkie Pie loves parties, and sugarcoated cupcakes are her favorite treat, among others that are featured in almost every episode. Rainbow Dash is tomboyish, loyal, strong-willed, yet willing to help anyone who needs it regardless of what it takes.

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My Little Pony Pictures

My little pony pictures provide color inspiration in every scene for artists of all ages. They also contain a hidden lesson about friendship, which is one of the core values of My Little Pony. 

These pictures are used in various coloring books and games to allow children to interact with their favorite characters from the cartoon series. The images can be printed from home or downloaded from Free My Little Pony Games, then colored using markers, pencils, or crayons.

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My Little Pony Coloring Pages

My little pony coloring pages are an excellent way for children to explore their imaginations and creativity. It gives them a chance to add some color to their favorite characters while learning to draw basic shapes such as circles, triangles & squares. 

In addition, they’ll also improve fine motor skills by holding a pencil or marker correctly while staying within the lines drawn on the page.

Image attribution: https://gamesmylittlepony.com

Fun Facts about My Little Pony

1). In Canada, My Little Pony is called “Poupon le poney.”

2). The name of ponies was initially changed to Ponys when translated into French by Jepi Productions in 1984 under license from Hasbro. It was later changed back to Pone s when Hasbro took over the French market.

3). The main cast of MLP: Friendship is Magic is based on the original first-generation characters from Hasbro, specifically Applejack & Rarity. Twilight Sparkle was originally named “Spike,” but this was changed to differentiate her from the baby dragon character of the same name in season one. Rainbow Dash’s name came from Lauren Faust’s childhood nickname for her brother after tearing down her rainbow-colored bedroom wallpaper.

4). The names of ponies Minty & Blossom were mistakenly switched for Hasbro when G3 trademarked both characters. It wasn’t noticed that their names had been reversed for several years because they didn’t appear much in artwork or promotional media. Still, since then, Hasbro has taken steps to assure that their names are correctly identified.

6). The current version of My Little Pony was created in 1984 by Hasbro. Still, there were also several other previous versions produced in 1981, 1983, and 1997. Each visit to the land of Equestria brings new adventures, characters, and lessons for children to love. It’s no wonder these games, pictures, and coloring pages provide fun for millions of kids worldwide!

Activities for Kids that Love My Little Pony

If your little one loves watching My Little Pony, then they’ll love playing these free games online or downloading them from Arcade Town. They’re available on all computers, including tablets & smartphones, so you can rest assured knowing they won’t be bored while waiting at an appointment or in the car. They can also download and play with free My Little Pony coloring pages available from Free Kids Games.


We hope you enjoyed our My Little Pony Friendship collection is Magic coloring pages and games or visit coloring pages for kids. If we missed any other MLP coloring pages or games, please let us know in the comments below! Until next time, happy coloring!


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