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Pest Control Tips for Commercial Properties

It’s no secret that commercial property owners face serious obstacles, ranging from tenant turnover to changes in what workers want from their work environment.

However, some of the problems that commercial property owners face arise in the day-to-day. Something like a pest problem might not seem like a big deal when in reality, it can lead to serious issues.

What pest control tips should you heed as a commercial property owner? We’re here to tell you.

Read on for the best commercial pest control tips we have to offer.

Know the Signs of a Pest Infestation

Knowledge is power and when it comes to pest infestations, it’s important to recognize the signs. Signs of pests in the building include:

  • pest sightings, both dead or alive
  • pest droppings or shed wings, shells, or skin
  • damage caused by gnawing, burrowing, or nesting
  • scratching or rustling sounds in the walls or dark corners
  • new and unusual odors

There are also species-specific signs of pest infestations. For example, termites tend to leave behind small piles of sawdust where they’ve burrowed. Take some time to learn about the common pests in your area and what kinds of signs they leave behind.

Get Regular Inspections and Prevention

Pest control is all about prevention, not just reaction. Even if you don’t believe that you have a pest infestation, schedule at least one pest inspection per year. Work with a company that will install preventative measures, ie closing up cracks or other entryways into the building.

You can also take prevention into your own hands. Keep your commercial property neat and tidy and address any humidity or water damage issues ASAP. Make sure that all food is stored properly and that trash receptacles are emptied on a daily basis.

Skip the DIY Pest Control

What do you do if you discover a commercial pest infestation? Hire this service, rather than taking matters into your own hands.

Pest control professionals know the habits of all sorts of pests and know how to follow their trail. They can find not only the adult pests but also their nests, eliminating or removing them to prevent future infestations.

Many DIY pest control methods aren’t designed for large-scale use. Plus, they are oftentimes dangerous to use without proper safety equipment or they are ineffective at eliminating the entire pest population.

People often opt for DIY pest control out of a desire to save money. The truth is that hiring a pest control service is far more cost-effective because you’re likely to see real results the first time.

Follow These Pest Control Tips to Protect Your Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are often hot spots for pest activity. Use these pest control tips to protect your commercial properties from damaging pest infestations.

Practicing good pest control is a great way to protect your investment and remain compliant with the law. To learn more about both of these subjects, take a look around. Our goal is to give you all of the tools you need to live a successful life.


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