Path of Exile – Which Build is Right for You?

Finding the best build for your character will have a big impact on your time in Path of Exile.

Choosing the right build for you is a very important decision in Path of Exile. It will have a massive effect on how your experience will go as you make your way through the world of Wraeclast. What’s more, given the fact that PoE offers a system in which any character can use any skill, it can become very confusing as to how it works. Here we will be outlining what kind of builds you could look into, and which one you should ultimately be investing your time and PoE currency in.


Certainly, one of the more popular choices in builds for not only Path of Exile, but a number of RPG titles in general. As far as PoE goes, the melee aspect has undergone a lot of changes over the years, and it’s better for it.

As for the choosing your ascendancy class, there is a lot of different choices that you can go with. For example, if you are looking into a poison approach, then either the Assassin or the Pathfinder is right for you. Or you could go with the Inquisitor for attacking with the elements. Players that would prefer to focus on impale can choose Champion for maximum effectiveness.

In general, the Juggernaut and Berserker are both viable options for melee, as is the Raider. How you play the game will be the catalyst of what you choose, so see which one caters the best to you and go from there.


Another popular choice for a build is support. When choosing support classes, you’re looking at either Cursers or Aurabots. The Cursers can choose Champion here again, whilst the Occultist is also great for uses curses to weaken your foe. As for Aurabots, which will receive additional power from auras, have the likes of the Necromancer and Guardian to get the most out of support.

Damage over Time

If you’d prefer to inflict damage over time, then searching PoE Trade for the best items to help with a DoT build is a good choice to go with. Similar to melee, the Assassin and the Pathfinder are useful for poisons, though the Inquisitor is efficient for critical approaches. With the ignite attack, there are a few different avenues that you could go with. Overall, you are going to want to side with Deadeye or the Trickster for this.


Feel like wielding a bow like a true warrior? Then Deadeye is for you. It’s general variety approach really helps it to stand out, though there are classes that may be of better use to you. An example of this would be the Assassin and Pathfinder once again for the poison effect, or Gladiator if you’d prefer to inflict bleed on your enemies. For bow skills that use the elements, the Inquisitor is able to really shine.

Traps and Summoning

Building traps and mines is a formidable method of combat in the right hands. For the standout best option for a build that focuses on traps and mines, the Saboteur is perfect to side with. Alternatively, you have the Trickster and Elementalist if you want to mix things up, but overall the Saboteur is ahead of the rest.

As you would probably expect, the Necromancer is a wise decision for summoning. You could take a risk by taking the tank route with the Juggernaut, but the Necromancer is fantastic for summons. The Guardian is also worth considering as well, especially if you’re just starting to get to grips with the game.

Totems and Self-Casting

With Ancestral Warchief, the Chieftain is capable of taking you far with spell-based totems. However, arguably the top choice would have to be the Hierophant. Those who would like to try their hand with elemental-based self-casting meanwhile should try out the Trickster. If not, the Inquisitor is a good choice. In fact, the Ascendant, Necromancer, Elementalist and Occultist are all able to manage well as self-casters. The amount of variety is key here, as characters that are predominantly focused on dex and strength can also make use of self-casting.

These are all different traits that you can adopt when playing Path of Exile. If you are new to the game, then it’s fair to say that there is a lot for you to learn. Once you’ve discovered mapping, what the likes of an Exalted Orb does, or how to master your character through a build, you’ll be ready to go. The sheer amount of options that you have means that you’re bound to eventually find one that fits you.

What build do you use in Path of Exile? Let us know in the comments section below!

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