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Modern ideas for combined living room and kitchen interiors in Bangalore

The kitchen and living room are the two most engaging and beloved spaces in every Indian household. There are always some kinds of exchanges happening between these spaces. That’s why the transition between both spaces must be smooth. If there is a vast difference between the vibe of the kitchen and living room then it will minimize the overall appearance of your home. 

So, it’s important to bring some similarities without disturbing the uniqueness of each space. Here are we sharing best-combined ideas for your living room and kitchen interiors Bangalore

Common colours for living room and kitchen

Choosing a similar colour combination for the living room and kitchen will give a sense of familiarity. It will make the transition easier. This can be achieved in various ways such as; interior paints, decorative items, lighting, furniture and so on. 

Use your creative side and bring out some cosiness between the kitchen and living room interior.

Disconnection for optimal results

Despite some similarities, it’s important to bring a touch of disconnection. Sounds contradictory! Both the areas are indeed close, but still optically separated from each other.

You can paint the living room in one colour and the kitchen space in a contrasting colour. After that grouping these two spaces by using accessories and kitchen. This will be helping in creating the uniqueness of each space.

Partitioning for the perfect look

Instead of old-fashioned doors in the kitchen, now the open kitchen is in culture. Implementing a partition between the kitchen and living room will give a perfect appearance. 

To create continuity between the kitchen and living room designs Bangalore while maintaining the separation of the spaces, you can use a traditional door kitchen divider design on the walls. Half doors allow some natural light to enter and give the room a bigger appearance than it is.

According to your preferences, you can go with an aesthetic wooden partition, modular glass partition, bar unit, stylish storage cabinet, bookcase or so on.


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