Kerala Luxury Tour Package with 5 Star Hotels

When compared to other tourist destinations, Kerala is unmatched because it has so much to offer, including breathtaking backwaters, pristine waterfalls, superb scenic beauty, palm-fringed beaches, green, rolling hills, flora and fauna, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, and picture-perfect destinations. This attracts and fascinates a wide range of people, including honeymooners, couples, and lovers of the outdoors. Kerala luxury tour must be at the top of your list for tours and travel because of its numerous landmarks, historic temples, and rich culture and tradition. One of India’s most well-known tourist destinations, Kerala, is endowed with distinctive physical characteristics that give the state a special place on the global tourism map. 

Snake boat racing

From July to September, backwaters in Alappuzha are the setting for popular water sports in Kerala. The most well-known water sports, such as the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, which is conducted annually on the second Saturday in August, are snake boat races. On Punnamada Lake, where the race is held, there are ceremonial processions and spectacular floats. The main draw is a 30-meter-long snake boat that is propelled by multiple persons at once.

Kerala backwaters

Beautiful coastal regions of the state are renowned for their interconnected system of waterways, which spans more than 900 kilometers. You will have the opportunity to visit and travel through the magnificent and amazing Kerala backwaters, which are the region’s main draw for tourists. You will see amazing, historic villages, palm and coconut palms, spice plantations, rice paddies, and peace. These amazing houseboats are tastefully furnished and outfitted. Leading hospitality and hotel management companies also manage and operate a few of them. The stunning views of the villages, water, land, wildlife, and human houses on the waterside are what make these Keralan backwaters so famous. Some of the places are Alleppey, Kottayam, Quilon, Kumarakom, and Kuttanad Territory.

Wildlife nature

While abundant foliage everywhere will provide you solid reasons to spend time away from the metropolitan hustle and bustle and traffic jams that you frequently confront in your city, wildlife sanctuaries are also worthwhile to visit. Many commonly found endangered species of mammals, reptiles, and aquatic life can be found at these lovely wildlife sanctuaries.

While on vacation in Kerala, there are many more excellent reasons that will induce you to return time and time to the stunning state. There are many possibilities in Kerala, where Mother Nature has displayed her full beauty, for those Indian honeymooners who frequently enjoy experiencing the great places anywhere outside of the country.

Traditional Festivals with Color

Kerala is renowned for its timeless festivals and traditional culture. They always have something to immerse themselves in, regardless of the time or the month. Kerala is filled with celebrations, joy, and fun throughout the year. A remarkable effort demonstrating teamwork is the Kerala Boat Festival, which is held from July to September. Onam, a harvest festival lasting ten days, is typically observed between August and September to welcome King Mahabali, who is renowned for the joy and prosperity he brought to his realm.

Looking Around The Rolling Hills

One of Kerala’s major charms that draw visitors from far away areas is its undulating hills. The flora and wildlife of Waynad, the most exotic location, are renowned for being unique to these hills. Some of the well-known features of these hills include tea, coffee, spices, rubber plantations, and other gardens. The Neelkurinji flower, which blooms only once every twelve years, frequently catches travelers off guard. The next draw of Kerala’s undulating hills is the magnificent waterfall of Athirapally. The waterfall, which is 80 feet high, adds to Kerala’s splendor.

Kerala cuisine

Due to its traditional culture of food preparation, hosting, and consumption, Malabar cuisine is Kerala’s special draw. The state has an amazing list of Malabar food items. Instead, the greatest way to experience Kerala in its truest form is through its delectable cuisine. Tourists are transported back in time to Kerala’s long-standing culture and custom by the abundant spices, the seaside setting, and the distinctive method of serving on a banana leaf while eating with their hands in their traditional manner rather than spoons and forks. Kerala cuisine is known for its flavorful curries, chutneys, and rice, as well as additional treats like fluffy pancakes and a local beverage called Toddy, made from coconut palms.

To reserve a Kerala package with 5 star hotel allows you to visit all the sights, spend more time in Kerala Ayurveda resorts, or have the opportunity to stay on a Kerala houseboat and luxury resorts and hotels. You must contact the correct travel operator. What are you waiting for? Contact the ideal travel agency today to make a reservation for a tour package using any convenient method of communication.


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