Micro ATX Vs ATX: Choose the Best One According to Your need

At the time of purchasing PC, the majority of people do not make out that there are 2 frequent factors for systems; ATX & Micro ATX, which is as well frequently shortened as mATX or uATX. “ATX” means “Advanced Technology eXtended” also was an enhanced version of the older AT form factor. Here, we’ll discuss Micro ATX Vs ATX to help user understand better:


Micro ATX is one of the parts of ATX, and its key variation from the main ATX form factor is dimension.  ATX generally retains a rectangular board size of 305 mm. from 244mm. Micro ATX is a more even square that retains 244 mm. widths, but shortens the length to 61 mm.

Micro ATX:-

The Micro ATX is a smaller form factor, the identical width allowed it to retain most of the mounting points established by the ATX form factor. This allows the Micro ATX boards to be mounted and mounted perfectly inside the ATX chassis. With Micro ATX boxes, the main focus is on reduced size for a smaller footprint. This prevents the ATX board from being used in the Micro ATX chassis.

PCIe slots:-

The main disadvantage of the Micro ATX compared to the ATX is the reduced number of expansion ports located at the bottom. Whereas ATX motherboards typically have 5 expansion slots, Micro ATX generally has 3, with 4 being the complete limit. This is somewhat offset by various motherboard producers integrating general features for instance sound, networking as well as graphics. It is no longer unusual to spot PCs that do not exercise expansion ports. At the time of purchasing PC, the majority of people do not make out that there are 2 frequent factors for systems; ATX & Micro ATX.

Micro ATX Indirect Consequences:-

The meandering outcome of the Micro ATX form factor is the condensed number of drive openings within the case. It’s not a big deal if you only have one or two hard drives inside, but it can be a problem if you have a lot of hard drives and optical drives or want to deploy RAID. For many, more space in general is better for accommodating future extensions, even if they never do. Therefore, the cases of Micro ATX are still not so popular, even if Micro ATX motherboards are already more popular than full-size ATX boards.

Micro ATX Vs ATX:-

  • ATX is bigger than Micro ATX.
  • The Micro-ATX is square in shape & ATX is wider than the Micro ATX. Compared to the standard ATX, it is exactly the same width but is 6 cm shorter.
  • ATX boards usually have more expansion slots than Micro ATX boards.
  • Micro ATX board can be installed in ATX chassis, but not vice versa.
  • Micro ATX chassis has fewer drive slots than the ATX chassis.

Final Verdicts:-

So we compared Micro ATX and ATX motherboards to really see the difference and help you choose your next motherboard. Whether you’re building a monstrous gaming rig or a tiny desktop PC that doesn’t take up a ton of space, now you know the perfect motherboard for your use.

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