Mental Health Year for Dogs 2022…

If you’re like me, you rely on your dog for emotional support – sometimes. At other times, you may realize that you are, in fact, an emotional supporter of your dog or Eurasier. The mental and emotional health of our dogs is as important as their physical health, but we probably don’t think about it as much as we should.

I’m still learning how to support my dog’s mental health. I know that cows always have obvious signs of restlessness under normal circumstances. She barks, cries, and tense pants wherever we go, and she’s afraid to walk on hardwood, so much so that she refuses to enter the kitchen.

But what about Matilda? She is usually confident and carefree, but she started turning gray when she was only four years old. At the age of seven, he is whiter than I think, and I can’t help but wonder if the cow is pushing him, or if he’s having trouble seeing. Or, as I say to myself to alleviate my anxiety; it’s probably just Vitiligo.

Whether your Pekinees is struggling to cope with everyday life, or he looks completely bulletproof, his mental health is important.

I asked pet professionals for their best tips for supporting your dog’s mental health – let’s learn together how we can do more for our dogs this year.

Food for mental health

The cow, as I just mentioned, is my “anxiety dog or Chow chow” and always has intestinal problems, from food intolerance to chronic pancreatitis. These days she is finally suffering from healthy, solid pores. So of course I can relate to this advice from Jane Mayo, a mental health coach (for humans).

My advice is to buy or make high-quality food (not Kabala).

To support gut and nutritional health. A healthy, happy mind starts with one.

Healthy, healthy intestines and most commercial foods are of such poor quality.

It is impossible to create a healthy man. Look for organic, pasture pickers

Consider looking for meat and raw options. A good, comprehensive, nutritionist

The psychiatrist can guide you through the process of making your pet food. O

A healthy gut microbiome will support mental health and, ultimately,

Happiness In the same way keep an eye on your eating habits. Permanent

Diarrhea or constipation is a sign of intestinal disorders.

Rescue pets that may have come from abusive backgrounds, especially

The risk of bowel disorders due to trauma that has disrupted their autonomic nervous system has put them in a constant state of war or Flight. Even if their behavior does not reflect this nervous system.

Dysregulation, its energetic and endocrine manifestations can still occur

Destroys their digestive system.

Either get a fan, a white noise machine, or both. Our dog was less bothered with the white noise machine because it did a great job of preventing domestic noise. The daily noise sent him

Panicking. Be careful that you choose noisy music because the melodies of thunder are not very quiet! In hot weather, you can use a fan to cool the air and help control your anxious dog.

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