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5 Office Cleaning Tips That Are Key for Health and Safety

Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, cleanliness, health, and safety were crucial to proper company function. All the pandemic did was create a paradigm shift towards prioritizing employee physical health. This also lead to increased disinfecting procedures and stricter guidelines about office cleaning.

Want to learn more about how to clean commercial offices and keep them safe for you and your employees? Our guide will show you everything that you need to know.

Keep Sanitizing High-Touch Areas

If there’s one piece of office cleaning advice that got hammered into the ground during the pandemic, it’s to sanitize your high-touch areas. That advice won’t stop applying even once the pandemic passes.

Make sure that you use antimicrobial wipes on your keyboards, customer seating, and doorknobs. You should do this at least twice a day to keep your office healthy.

Clean Up the Front Lobby

You never get a second chance at a first impression. If your lobby looks run down, has dust or mud tracked in, or doesn’t seem to be organized, customers won’t trust your business. As such, one of the best office cleaning tips we can offer is to make your front lobby a priority cleaning area.

If no other places in the office get cleaned well, make sure that the front area looks nice. And don’t hesitate to ask for professional help like the maids at Hubbardsmaidservice.com to keep things spic and span.

Encourage Employee Tidiness Across the Office

It’s hard to keep an office healthy if the employees aren’t on-board. Make sure every employee is on-board with your office cleaning, not only your janitorial staff.

One way to do this is to have employees clean their own workspace and set rules to keep break areas clean.

Sweep, Mop, and Vacuum Regularly

The floor is one of the most neglected areas when it comes to office cleaning. Don’t let your office join in this trend. Sweep, mop, and vacuum your floors regularly. This can get rid of allergens that could sicken your clients and employees.

And, of course, you need to ensure daily bathroom detail gets incorporated into your commercial office cleaning. No one likes seeing a dirty bathroom.

Keep Windows and Partitions Sparkling

Many offices incorporated additional partitions to protect their clientele and personnel during the pandemic. While these barriers can make a great defender against illness, they can also become stained with saliva and other potential biohazards. Make sure that you keep these partitions (as well as your business’ windows) sparkling with window cleaner.

Let’s Review Our Office Cleaning Guide

So, what should you incorporate into your office cleaning routine? You should continue to sanitize high-touch surfaces while relying on employees to handle their own spaces. In addition, regular floor and window cleaning need to become a part of your daily cleaning routine.

If you follow this office cleaning advice, you can keep your business sparkling and your employees healthy. Did you find this article on office cleaning tips helpful? If so, and if you’d like to read more like it, then check out our blog.


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