The Best Mens Haircuts: What Style Should You Get?

First impression is the last impression. Good looks always put good impact on others. Mens Haircuts plays a vital role in ones impression. It says a lot about person. You can showcase your personality with your hairstyle. Whatever personality you want to highlight, there will always be a perfect hairstyle that will suit you.

The Best Mens Haircuts

What Does The Style Say About You?

Your haircut says a lot about you. In fact, there are certain cuts that are associated with different personality types. It is based on your personality and the circumstances you are living in. If you decide to wear this type of cut, then you have to know what that tells the world about you.

A Classic Flick

If you are a classic kind of guy, then you have to go for this style. This is one of the oldest cuts that will be suitable for anyone from any generation. It’s an elegant look and it’s still in vogue in 2017. The longer side is the side with the shortest cut. It goes nicely with the short sides and the sharp angles of the ears and the head. The classic flicking hair style will speak of sophistication, confidence, and elegance.

Classic Mens Haircuts

Classic mens haircuts are a very timeless choice for most people. This means that it’s easy to make changes while keeping this specific style in mind. Simple straight hair can be done simply and quickly, and it can be styled to frame the face with some fun wavy hair to show off a new look. It’s easy to make an effort with a classic haircut like a Caesar, but don’t forget that today’s trend is also centered on the large haircuts. The contemporary trend of the newscasters is simple and sophisticated. It might be some time before this is used in front of the camera, but make a stylish impact nonetheless.

If you want to show off your individuality, you should never shy away from your own sense of style. But, you also have to consider what makes you different from the people around you.

Contemporary Mens Haircuts

With time, people have turned their attention to experimenting with their hair. Modern men are comfortable with experimenting with their style. And that’s why it’s not unusual to see men with an array of cuts and styles. Shops with a cool concept, or even a store with a cartoon theme have gained popularity among men who have a creative side. The men who live on the edge, who have big ideas, who are up for anything. A lot of these men are joining the growing men’s grooming and hair trend: shaved heads.

Letting their locks grow back to reveal a mohawk, single hair color or crazy pattern is the path of most modern men, who prefer to be a bit more rebellious with their look. This hairstyle is often associated with rock stars and musicians.


I think this is probably one of the first haircuts that comes to mind when we think about men’s haircuts. Mens haircuts is the signature hairstyle of cool, modern, and innovative guys. The haircut of the nouveau riche, rebel, and “Hollywood star”. The haircut of the guys from the gangster movies. Men with a style on the edge. Well, if you’re really daring, you can have the “slick back”. How do you achieve this haircuts? The best way is to grow your hair, then section off the back. Then take a razor and shave the top layer of your hair and create the new, slicked back haircut. You could also put in some gel or mousse to make it wet and sleek, or you could add a little gel or mousse to your hair for a few days before to make it look wet and shiny.

Undercut Mens Haircuts

This cut consists of cuts in which the top of the hair is cut shorter than the crown and around the sides with a little top up.


This is a haircut which is on the longer side with a little curve around the edges.

Shed Head

This haircut has the fullness that is characteristic of the shag cut. The sides are not cut, and the hair on the top and sides are longer, but that hair is combed into a small wave to the back of the head.

Butch Cut

This is a haircut that is short in the back but longer in the front.

Half Chops

A haircut that is medium-long in the front with a slightly longer back.

Horn Cut

This is a haircut that goes to the sides with short hair on top.

Big Overcut

A haircut that goes all the way to the back, but usually longer in the back than the front.

Mens Haircuts

Best Mens Haircuts for Your Type of Face Shape

There are generally four face shapes:

  • Round: oval-shaped face, gentle jaw line, small forehead, high forehead
  • Oval: square-shaped face, gentle jaw line, small forehead, medium forehead
  • Square: rectangular face, low forehead, big forehead
  • Triangular: square face, flat forehead, wide forehead

Types of hair cuts for each face shape are as follows:

  • Round faces: side swept, pompadour, angled, flat
  • Oval faces: low and center-parted, blunt fringe, pointed, long sideburns
  • Square faces: center-parted, low part, rounded fringe, sideburns
  • Triangular faces: center-parted, a little long, narrow, sideburns

Each of these types of face shapes have many unique cuts. For example, round faces can be trimmed with a short side-sweep, or a center-parted pomade.


So now you know the most popular trends of men’s hair over the last 10 years and now you have a clear picture of what to avoid when you go to a barber. No need to argue, no need to explain, if you want to look your best, then you should find a man’s hair cut that reflects your character, or better yet, your personality.

I am sure you want to know what you will look like in 2040, but you will only know if you start now and grow your hair as you want to grow it.

This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the responsibility you will bear. Be honest with yourself, have the courage to face the consequences and don’t let the pressures of your environment and others influence your decision.

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