Which Hair Treatment is Best for Men?

Hair loss suffered by men is a major problem that most individuals are facing nowadays. There are varieties of hair treatments for men available these days. New hair gradually replaces the old hair but sometimes this hair loss can be permanent. If ignored, you might notice patches of baldness that can develop gradually.

Major Factors That Leads To Men’s Hair to be Thinner

Losing hair may be due to underlying medical conditions or it can be an inherited trait. Generally, the male sex hormone, testosterone, is responsible for maintaining facial and body hair. The respective genes can make the hair follicles quite sensitive to testosterone. Here are some of the major factors in men that lead to hair loss.


This is a complex genetic condition. Such type of baldness is known as the male pattern baldness which is inherited from the family members mostly from the paternal side. It causes gradual thinning of the top hair of the head with circular patches and spreads throughout the scalp if not controlled.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Underlying medical conditions such as Diabetes, Lupus, and Thyroid can cause extensive hair loss due to the wide range of physical disruptions. These conditions can damage certain hormones which act as fuel to hair growth. Such common illnesses are responsible for permanently affecting hair follicles in 95% of people.

Excess Use Of Supplements

Excessive medications and supplements (like vitamin supplements) can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure, or even cancer. This is due to hypervitaminosis in the body in the form of vitamin A and vitamin E which stops hair growth and leads to breakage. Over supplementation is always harmful and results in multiple toxicities due to the presence of a wide variety of chemicals.

Stress And Anxiety

Everyday stress in the lifestyle is extensively responsible for increasing diseases in the body which leads to hair loss. Stress hormone cortisol influences the hair growth cycle and makes the hair follicles weak. Large clumps of hair fall on a regular basis which can be even more traumatic to men.

Poor Nutrition

Hair follicles are made up of highly sensitive cells and nutritional deficiency can lead to shrinkage of hair follicles and makes the hair grow slow.

Iron, zinc, protein, and vitamin D deficiencies disrupt hair growth and their intake promotes hair follicle recovery. This is why it is extremely important to fuel up the body with nutrients. Too much supplement intake might also be harmful. Ensure to maintain the balance so that it is not more or not less than the necessary amount.

Hair Treatment Methods For Men

Hair treatment for men is safe and cost-effective these days. Also, it is quite common. Some methods are listed below.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

This is known as PRP in which hair growth is done with natural stimulation. It has been a beneficial procedure and unlike the process of hair transplantation.

In this method, blood is drawn from a person’s body and injected back to the scalp after removing the poor plasma from the blood. It helps to activate hair cells and thus helps in regrowth.


This process is also quite similar to the process of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. In this, body growth factors that are responsible for hair growth are stimulated. It boosts vitamins and improves the blood flow in the scalp region to promote fuller hair growth. It can be  done on the hair with full efficacy and safety with no side effects.


Dermarollers work to solve the hair loss problem and hygienically regrow the hair. The tool has smaller, fine needles on top, which pricks the skin and causes pin-like holes in the scalp. It might cause a sharp prick on the head. It is a part of the treatment as it is done just to boost the collagen which is responsible for hair growth.

If you are also facing similar issues concerning hair thinning and baldness, then consult a dermatologist and find remedies for the same. Treating this condition at an early stage might be a better solution. And this consultation has become easier in this digital world as you can do so from the comforts of your home by reaching out to the best digital healthcare platforms where a team of experts could offer you the right advice regarding the treatment of hair loss problems. You may want to check out the blog here to know more details about the same.


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