Masters in Commerce with LPU


A post graduate degree offered by the top universities of the country, LPU distance is ideal for candidates who have applied to make their careers in the field of commerce, banking and insurance. There are many new areas of jobs today where a specialization in accounting standards and International Financial Reporting Standards is also considered. Valuation officers also known as actuaries are given one of the highest salary packages in the world.

When a student has cleared his graduation in commerce, also called, Bachelors in Commerce, then he is eligible to his masters in the same line of profession. Masters goes into the depth of commerce, business trade, economy, capital, revenue and taxation.

Chartered accountancy and Company secretary are the top career options for those who opt for However, CA/CS can be pursued just after high school.

Students who want to opt for UGC-NET examinations and want to become a professor later on, shall also opt for

LPU distance offers you the best placement services, while sitting at your residence and completing your syllabus with good technical knowledge. specializations can be in the following specific areas:

  1. Taxation
  2. Mathematics
  3. Accounting and Finance
  4. Banking
  5. Marketing
  6. Business management
  7. Economics
  8. Accounting
  9. Statistics
  10. Finance and control
  11. Ecommerce
  12. Computer application

There are many highly qualified teachers in Lovely Professional University, who impart knowledge in their students by clearing their basics as well and preparing them for their futures in a way that they are able to better the economy and inflow and outflow of money in the market via the government, legally.

Eligibility Criteria

A student is eligible for pursuing LPU distance, only if he has scored a minimum of 50% in aggregate in his Bachelors from a recognized university.

Studnets having the following attributes are preferred more during selection, in their desired college:

  1. Thinking ability and logical reasoning
  2. Analytical skill capacity
  3. Mathematics being their core subject
  4. Looking into the details of every topic
  5. Having knowledge of banking and finance sector
  6. Can memorize facts and figures to use it in their practical career oriented life
  7. With the changing environment, comes the every evolving situations of dealing with finance and managing it in the best possible way to benefit the clients legally
  8. Good communication skills that could make them a good speaker and communicator
  9. Leadership skills
  10. In today’s computer era, where every career option requires a fair knowledge of computers, this skill set is also important in the line of commerce

If you complete yourLPU distance with flying colors, you are sure to get one of the following jobs in future:

  1. Senior accountant
  2. Finance executive
  3. Assistant manager
  4. Cashier
  5. Business analyst
  6. Bank manager
  7. Stock and security dealer
  8. Share broker
  9. Trader
  10. Teacher/Professor
  11. Auditor
  12. Finance manager
  13. Insurance agent
  14. Risk analyst
  15. Investment banker

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