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Leak Detection System – An Overview

Plumbing leaks are the major reasons for causing property damage, and the detection of such leaks at the right time is vital to prevent them from damaging the property. Various problems can be associated with faulty plumbing measures, such as under sink faucet leaks, frozen pipes, burst hot water tanks, sagging ceilings, ruined plumbing, etc. Expand Group has licensed plumbing facilities that provide affordable facilities and help us with maintenance, installations, and breakdowns.

Expand Group is dedicated to providing complete plumbing solutions using excellent customer service and high-quality tools and products when it comes to leaking detection.

Why Install A Leak Detection System?

Plumbing is one of the most costly damages to our household, and having a leak detection system can help prevent that and save a lot of money. You may never realize this, but even a small object stuck in the drainpipe of the toilet can help raise a huge problem if not detected at the correct time. 

Leaks contribute to more significant plumbing problems and a considerable amount of water wastage. Therefore, smoke detectors are essential because they can make us aware of more significant fire issues before they occur. Similarly, the leak detection system can even detect the smallest of leaks and act accordingly. 

Beware Of Water Damage!

Water damage is another reason behind leak detection in Perth, besides being a primary reason for causing moulds. They are very dangerous and unhealthy for your family and the environment in general. 

They can cause various health problems such as irritation in the eyes, continuous sneezing,  skin rashes and extensive mold allergies in infants and the elderly. So to avoid mold, it is better to have a leak detection system.

Why does water leak occur?

There are numerous reasons for frequent water leaks, such as aging plumbing, extreme pressure, water hammer, and corrosion. Excessive pressure on the water can damage the pipes and thus cause leaks. 

Even freezing temperatures cause freezing pipelines and causing them to expand and thus burst, which can be easily stopped if there is a leak detection as the water freezes. The main water valve would be turned off immediately. Thus protecting the pipelines and overall protecting the plumbing system of the house. 

Cost of the leak detection system

Although it may not be a very cheap investment, I would say they are worth every penny spent on them, considering how worthy they are. Depending upon the system installed, the entire cost is $500-2500 for the whole house. Some providers also sell additional warranties that provide repairs and maintenance for two years from buying. However, the installation cost of $200-300 may be charged separately. 


The leak detection system is a competent source to ensure plumbing problems are reduced to a minimum. It helps monitor the water flow through the pipelines and reverts back to a threatening tone whenever it detects abnormal behaviour. The water flow of the entire house is immediately withdrawn, and the valve is temporarily closed to avoid major damage to water leaks.

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