Laws Related to DUI in the States

In the present era, drunk driving or Driving Under Influence (DUI) is one of the biggest problems in the US. People from different classes of society are unaware of the DUI laws. In most cases, they do not even know how harsh it can be. So, you would always like to avoid a DUI case.

Moreover, hiring a DUI attorney in Phoenix can be tricky and expensive. So, here, you can go through the basics of DUI laws in some randomly selected states. Reading this article, you will have a clear idea about the laws and their harshness. 

  1. Arizona

In Arizona, the DUI laws are quite strict. They are as follows:

  • For people who are 21 and above, the minimum blood alcohol level is 0.8. In case the reading is higher, the police can arrest the person. Likewise, for commercial vehicles, the alcohol level decreases to 0.4. 
  • In Arizona, the DUI penalties can reach up to $1000, starting from $250. The jail sentence can start from 10 days in minimum to 90 days. However, the DUI attorney in Phoenix can minimize the sentence if there is strong ground.
  1. Massachusetts

The punishments for DUI are more intense in Massachusetts than in Arizona. At the same time, the age and body alcohol level remain the same.

  • For the DUI offenders who are new, the penalty can range between $500 to $50,000. The penalty money rises as the same person repeats the offense. On the other hand, a jail sentence can start from 90 days, and the maximum limit is three and a half years. 
  • The driving license of the person indulged in a DUI case can initially get canceled for 45 to 90 days. It can also be frozen for life if the same person commits a DUI crime five times. 
  1. California

California is one of the densely populated states of the US, which lies on the western coast. The DUI laws here are moderate.

  • The penalty can range between $390 to $1000 according to the repeat offenses made by a person. Moreover, the driving license can get frozen for only four years maximum in case of repeat offenses. 
  • The jail sentence and penalties increase if there are some third-party injuries or death due to a DUI drive. In these cases, the judge can give harsh punishments to people depending on the severity of the case. 

Final Words

As the US is a big country and there are unique DUI laws for each state, you should always be aware of the place you live in. While getting a DUI attorney in Phoenix can be easy, clearing the fees during the trials can be a troublesome job. 

The best you can do to avoid a DUI case is drive sensually and not take alcohol. However, you must not take any other substance which can lead you to intoxication. If you are on some medication that leads to sleepiness, you can avoid driving also. Always remember that staying sober while driving can be the best way to avoid DUI cases.

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