Know what is lemon tek is and how to consume it?

The lemon tek is a kind of magic mushroom that has psilocybin which is usually non-psychoactive. This kind of mushroom has faster effects which convert psilocybin into psilocin after consumption. The process wills take around 2 hours now the fun begins. The doctor also suggests consuming lemon tek to treat anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even addiction. Lemon tek is a kind of mushroom trip. People use lemon trek to get instant mushroom results. 

Well, lemon tekking is the process of consuming magic mushrooms in lime or lemon juice. The lemon tek also helps users to hide the taste of magic mushrooms. It is just because many people do not like the taste of dried magic mushrooms, also lemon tek helps the user to get the strong flavor of mushroom for a longer period. The experienced user usually preferred to consume lemon tek over other traditional methods of consuming magic mushrooms. 

This process only needs mushrooms, lemon juice, and have patience. The lemon tek process has faster results and it improves a person’s digestion. Experts suggest that lemon tek helps to increase the impact of a psychedelic trip. Lemon tek is a method of consuming magic mushrooms and it will give results in shortening the period. Also, offer whole mushrooms experience more intensely. 

How to consume lemon tek? 

Consuming lemon tek is pretty much a straightforward process. You just need one or two lemons or either you can take limes juice per dose, a glass, and a piece of thick clothes to filter mushrooms. In starting you can use a normal dosage of dried mushrooms. 

Guide for lemon Tek

To know more read these few steps carefully. 

  • Step1- firstly crushed the dried mushrooms in powder forms. To grind shrooms, you can use either a coffee grinder or a cannabis blender. Once it is converted into crushed powder place into a piece of glass shot. 
  • Step2- now squeezes some lemon or lime juice over the dried shroom powder in a glass, so that it can dip completely in lime juice. 
  • Step3- now, properly stirs the mixture. Let rest the mixtures for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Step4- the last step is to drink lemon tek as a shot. 

Note- many people have nausea problems so that avoid this problem. Users can remove mushrooms strains out from juice using a coffee filter. To avoid nausea problems, make sure to consume juice only and avoid taking mushroom strains. 

Know about lemon tek tea

Many people like to consume lemon tek in tea form. However, it is a better option for easier digestion and better flavor. To consume lemon tek as tea, take out juice from a glass shot and add it into a cup of tea. Make sure to filter all mushroom strains, you can also add ginger and some green tea for flavor. You can also make lemon tek tea in hot water but avoid using boil water.

The next way to make lemon tek tea is to just add fresh plain water, a sweetener like honey, ginger, and add some lemon juice extract. Now enjoy lemon tek just like lemonade. To enjoy mushrooms and to get proper benefits of lemon tek try to consume a cup of tea. This will help your stomach to digest shroom juice properly.       

Lemon tek tea is the simple and best way to consume homemade magic mushroom strain. Also, the juice will help to reduce the effect of nausea and other bad experiences. The lemon tek has strong and quicker effects. Furthermore, the lemon tek has positive results and many health benefits to human health. 

How long it will last?

The user will see the effects of lemon trek usually last 6 to 8 hours after eating the magic mushrooms. The effects will start around 2 hours after its consumption. Furthermore, the lemon tek starts working 30 to 60 minutes after its consumption. Typically, its effects will last around 8 hours in the human body. 

How does lemon tek feel? 

  • As we know lemon tekking is the process of getting shrooms traditionally. It wills gives you stronger and quicker magic shroom effects. 
  • For that users who tried truffles of dried magic mushrooms can try lemon tek too. It is much stronger around three times. This means you may have to use half dosage of lemon tek to get the similar effects of regular shroom dosage. 
  • You can use lemon tek dosage for recreational and medicinal purposes. In starting, try to consume micro-dose from 0.05% to 0.10%. 
  • Once you get the proper dosage of lemon tek, there is no need to get psilocybin from any other resources. Additionally, there is no need to pay more to get the experience of regular magic mushrooms.   
  • Many people experienced that lemon tek has intense effects and it affects the entire body after its consumption. It will offer a feeling of comfort and relaxation. This mushroom juice is not harsh and dynamic. 
  • Most people prefer to use lemon tek just because to avoid the feeling of nausea after consumption of mushrooms. This will help to decrease the nausea symptoms. It will offer a better experience to upset stomach. 
  • To get high-quality results try to use micro-dosing of lemon tek. There are several options are available for micro-dosages. 


Finally, lemon has vitamin C that helps to prevent oxidation of psilocin and it also has antioxidant properties. This starts working inside the stomach without losing psychedelic compounds when it goes through the digestive process. This lemon tek shroom has a special kind of enzyme that will help to break down chitin. 

However, lemon tekking helps to solve various digestive system problems. Many people enjoy lemon tek it is because it is simple to use and has quick results. 

The lemon tek juice also gives strong tastes and flavor to mushrooms species. Ideally, for people who love to consume magic mushrooms, lemon tek is perfect for them to try once.

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